Round 22 - 2019-20 Discussion

Roar vs Wests - Friday 8:30pm
Adelaide vs WU - Saturday 5:00pm
CCM vs Nux - Sunday 4pm
Perth vs City - Sunday 6pm




It’s hard to pick though. Everyone is shit except us

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Comedy capers defending from Westies sees McDonald prod home from 2 yards. Comic dive over the ball from Lopar adds to the hilarity

Western suburbs look terrible tonight

How did we not beat these shit stains?!!?

That was a pretty sexy challenge from Young there

How goods Scotty mac. Top bloke

Is it me or does he look like he’s deeply in love with the cheeseburger at the moment?

Literally eating maccas as I read this lol

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The team are just like their fans, only turn up against us.


If wanderers and Mariners play like they did against us every week then they would actually be doing ok this season. Instead they both just let every team get a free 3 points each week by capitulation.

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Scott McDonald comes across as a massive fuckwit

Haha Jurman costs NWSW the game

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Remember when we wanted Jurman back? Classic.


Beath reffing and controlling this one much better than Ali did in either of our games vs Wanderers.


Pretty big blow to Wests’ chance of getting into finals that result.


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I’ve been ragging on Jurman all year, he’s legit had two good games for them but reverted to type tonight.

Looks absolutely gassed by 60 mins. Dives in high up the pitch. Lazy AF with his recovery runs. Constantly out of line with sub-standard McGowan. Visibly frustrated (the rose coloured glasses have me remembering a tough no-nonsense defender with mostly laser focus, here he’s constantly remonstrating with officials, opposition players / bench / fans, getting involved in all the niggles and handbags, it just shows he’s not concentrating on the job at hand tbh). Distribution has always been his weak point but tonight he tripped on the ball nearly turning it over, and even when hoofing clearances is nearly collecting teammates in the head, total panic merchant.

And that’s the stuff that doesn’t include being at fault for all 3 Brisbane goals… whoever is chasing him for next season will be signing him on reputation only, he dead set looks cooked at this level.