Round 22 - Sydney FC vs Newcastle - 21/07/20

Straight into the next game. A point is enough to win the title.

You’ve got to expect some rotation here. ABJ to start, probably Zullo too. Maybe Buhagiar if Kosta needs a rest.

Will be standing on the hill for this one. Would love a big win to seal the Plate.

Even if Kosta doesn’t need a rest.

Kosta didn’t do enough on Friday to guarantee his starting position (in my totally expert and unquestionable opinion).

Or maybe throw Bernie in if we want to keep Trent up our sleeve for impact in the latter stages of the game.

You’re welcome, Steve. (Let me know where to send my consultants invoice)

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It’s not Wednesday yet Jinxy McJinx face.

I’ve been kind of sceptical of Kosta, overall. But he wasn’t too bad on Fri.

And I’m glad Trent took his chances, but he was running at a defence that was very tired and pushing suicidally far forward, searching for a late equaliser…

Stick to the game plan, for now I reckon.

You want the review the day AFTER the game?

It’s traditional to do a review after the fact.

The premiers trophy will be presented if the lads get the result on Tuesday.


I could get behind starting Ivanovic but I think that Buhagiar has jumped ahead of him in Corica’s mind. Buhagiar is definitely most useful to us coming off the bench though.

Kosta was fine enough on the weekend, and his current experience playing next to ALF can’t be overstated.

The plate tomorrow would officially make us the most successful A-League club, as we are currently tied with MV at 3 plates, 4 toilet seats, 1 FFA cup.

*insert elderly Simpsons gent holding a Moon Pie in his hands

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They don’t have the Townsville cup though


Oceania Champions League is the tie breaker!


Our last home game of the season is at BankWest Stadium, let’s get it then.

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Nah, wrap it up ASAP before the risk of NSW going back into lockdown.


Considering this is midweek, anyone know if there’s spare tickets for general public left over after members have had a go? Not a member and I’d like to go tomorrow.

I had an email today reminding me of available tickets, though I’m a member, and I received the original offer last week.
Also, my son’s club (Marrickville Red Devils) offered a family pass to first taker from our team as thanks for our ground duty this week.
What was the announced attendance on Friday? Pretty sure we were well below available tickets, and having this midweek will mean even less takers.
So yeah, pretty sure there should be a bunch available.

It’s times like these you should consider becoming a member :wink: .

They didn’t open it up to the general public last week and I’m pretty sure they would have had a few spots remaining. Can’t see them doing opening it up tomorrow night. Best you can do is see if a member can help you out. To be fair, I normally would be able to (and would have) because we have four people in our group and often only three of us attend, but all four are attending tomorrow night.

I don’t remember them announcing one.

1700 or so

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Did they do anything to check ID’s or membership cards against tickets, or was it so long as you had a game day ticket, you were sweet?