Round 23 - 2019/20 Discussion

So he’s the typical modern Australian winger of the Fox Sports broadcast.


That’s because they are. I doubt they’d object if another broadcaster came in with a high enough bid to take the contract off their hands. Their ROI is probably horrendous for the competition, to be fair.

I know the joke is a bit of a dead horse already, but i tuned in to the City game and it didnt even go through my mind that people may have stayed away from the stadium, crowd looks the same

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Teo and Theo aren’t terrible, even if they sound like a drive time radio duo.


lol, how the fuck did that not go in


Fair to say Cox ballsed that up?

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Huge miss by cox, just inches in it.

Cox really shafted them.

Even his missus wishes he finished quicker.


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Should have blown it over.

Cox came up short.

They’re not terrible, which catapults them near the top of the Fox Sports pile of quality (or lack of it).

Victory went down early. Could probably be a few more by halftime.

Right on cue, Hooper for 2-0

Loving the Kiwi commentators putting the boot into MVFC

It must be nice to be not us sometimes. Thomas doesn’t fuck up like that against us.

Unusual for Fox not to go back to their studio at HT.