Round 23 - 2019/20 Discussion


If things get much worse, this might be one of the last rounds we get for the season so let’s enjoy it.

Checks Friday night game.


Friday 7:30pm - Brisbane vs CCM
Saturday 7:30pm - City vs WSW
Sunday 4:20pm (blaze it) - Nux vs Melbourne
Sunday 6:20pm - Adelaide vs Jets





What a shit week of games




Yep although will be enjoyable seeing City doing the Wanderers over


City beat a quality side last week in their tight contest for second place. There’s no way a team as mentally frail as them wins this week, even if it is Wests they’ve got. 3-0 Wanderers.


Apart from the Sydney vs Perth game, yes.


Agreed, they barely hung on last week and every time you hear Jamo saying how they’ve “proved themselves but just need to do it more consistently” they’re nailed on for a no-show.

Tbf I’ll be rooting for Wests too, the quicker we sew up the plate the better.


Mariners won’t get too many more chances that good, Harold had to bury that.


Mariners with all the chances…


Missus just tuned in and asked if they’d already closed the doors for this one. Have Brisbane gone Clive Palmer and closed the stand opposite the camera?


Well that’s game then, CCM haven’t got the mental strength to come back.


Wow, Bosnich in commentary is just another level of awful


He sounds like he has coronavirus


Looks like caronavirus hasn’t had any affect on Brisbane’s crowds, which is good I guess.

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As our resident commentary insider …

Do you have any idea why Fox persist with these numpties?


You would think Fox are just going through the motions at the moment.


The ocean, it is becalmed.


A calm sea never made a skilled sailor


Bosnich is lively as fuck, he’s still not skilled.