Round 23 - Adelaide vs Sydney FC - 7/4/23

Don’t be caught out by the public holiday weirdness: this game is at 5pm.

We’ll lose by three goals. At least two of those will be scored by Goodwin.

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Sydney fans at half time:


Have faith, we will get the job done. Easter is a time for miracles………shit or is that Christmas?


:peach: :baguette_bread:

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I believe we might rise from the dead sometime next week, albeit on a training pitch.


Craig Goodwin has been the best player this season by some distance.

Craig Goodwin also plays twice as well whenever he plays us.

We’re in for a major peach baguetting here I fear.


Definitely betting against us again.

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Good Friday is upon us therefore Corica is obviously the Judas of this football club as he is always washing his hands of his tactical setup & allowing this team to be crucified for his sins week after week.

Stay tuned for more religious allusions.

I reckon grant will get torn to shreds and get sent off for two yellows.

I wonder if I can bet on that too…

That would make him the Pilate of the situation :grinning:

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You can still get Adelaide for $2.30 on TAB

A win in this game would see us simultaneously being top of the Away table and bottom of the Home table. Call out to Shane at membership dept for the alternative package of 5 away games of your choice to replace traditional season ticket and enable members to see team win once in a while


Surprised the bookies haven’t removed that from a multi bet.

Haven’t checked my SportsBet app yet, but I reckon, Adelaide win, Craig Goodwin anytime goal scorer, and Grant to receive a booking, plus 10+ corners would be rather juicy to slip a cheeky pineapple on.

Yeah I’ve been looking at Adelaide/CCM/Heart as a multi. Not bad with a bet return if one leg fails, 7+

I might just start crying now.

You know?

Get ahead of the rush.

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Good Friday the boss got strung up won the game late and was resurrected the following Sunday , there’s a bit of symbolism or irony there???
If anyone religious readers take offence ! Don’t , I’m a Scottish Proddy from way back and don’t know anybetter.


Not sure about the whole Jesus thing, but It’s Pesach starting this week … not too late to sacrifice a lamb and smear the changing room door with blood to protect the team from the inevitable onslaught…


I have a feeling this Friday will turn into Bad Friday by 7pm AEST …

Assuming that’s the case, errhem, resurrect your long weekend by tuning in to the NPL side at 7:30.

I’ll be taking advantage of the 5 minute commute again and popping down to Valentine, at either the FT whistle at Coopers or whenever the stream on Paramount shits itself, whichever comes first.