Round 23 - Perth vs Sydney FC - 3/4/24

Straight into the next fixture. Perth are winless in five matches so you’d hope we’d be okay but a rapid turnover with a large trip over to Perth does make it a strange one to predict.

We’ve got a game on wednesday?

That’s correct. It’s the moved catch-up match from the late inclusion of the extra round to appease the nswtoursm gods

një baguette pjeshke

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FIFO eh?

I hope so, if not I’ve just travelled to WA just to look at Quokkas :wink:


See, I’d be going up to Monkey Mia to punch dolphins in the face.

Dolphins are right fucking cunts.


Fly In, Fuck Off home with 3 points ?

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Well, if they don’t, the plane can drop the players of at Yalata.

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And Perth played in Melbourne a day later than we played in Sydney. So they’re not really going to have a big advantage in terms of condition. They’re playing at home but that’s about it.

I think Talay does need to rotate the squad a bit for this game to ensure we’re in good shape for Newcastle, as well. We’ll see what he does. Wouldn’t be surprised to see King, Fabio and maybe Gabriel start.

Yeah this game was rescheduled to a night that I am working and can’t swap out of.

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That’s a bad cough you’ve got there


The NRL players of the sea. Bunch of pack rapists.

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Flying for 5 and a bit hours to still be in the same country is just exhausting.

(A wild Mark McGowan appears and shuts the border)


Don’t forget, they’ve got the best Melaleucas too.

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Dang, I’m there!

I even got a hint of jetlag due to the time difference.

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Remember lads, because Perth is on the other side of the planet, kickoff is 9.45pm Sydney time.

It’ll be a late one…


:+1: They got that clearly wrong when half-arsedly spruiking it after last nights game. More incompetence from 10/P+.