Round 23 - Perth vs Sydney FC - 3/4/24

Its pretty simple- Mak is the best all round player of the 3.

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Most definitely. But having now seen the penalty and the sending off …

We’ve had three players red carded for that tackle that we didn’t see a send off for last night. All red carded by VAR review. What happened last night?

That’s not a sending off effort from CP. The disccusion in this thread about it is that King made a call, VAR said wait a minute, and then it was 20 or so replays to change his mind. That’s the issue. The ref mad a call, but was told to look again and it introduced a significant delay.

There was as much talk about how the red card decision was arrived at as there was for the actual tackle. Tackle discussion fine. The discussion about how the decision was made indicates that the problem VAR was introduced to solve has been made worse by it’s introduction. It’s some sunk cost bullshit now.

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And how was that not a send off for the tackle that gave us the penalty? Studs into our player.

I guess they didn’t fancy doing another Freeze Frame of Death like they’ve done to so many others this season. But for shits and giggles, I’m going to.


I wouldn’t agree with that necessarily. In that scenario I dont think he’s the better player. Mak is at his best in the box creating chances for himself. Outside of that I’d say Kucharski is better striking from distance, better on the ball creating for others, and at least as good in the press (admittedly I don’t have the numbers to back up that opinion). Mak also dies the arse after 50-55 minutes and I think Kucharski has the better engine - at least in local conditions.

Right at the end Williams headed over and as he landed he stomped on JCP. Completely accidental but actually infinitely more violent than the one Rufer got sent off for.

Is that the whole triple punishment thing because he was making a genuine effort at winning the ball?

Though I’m guessing that doesnt count for “violent conduct”.

It’s almost like when multiple people review something subjective you’ll still inherently get variations in outcomes.

But it isn’t multiple people. And that’s an issue.

King makes a decision. VAR says, you might want to think about it. King goes to the iPad and thinks about it waaaaay too long and decides that he made the wrong decision and changes it.

He already made a decision. And that was a yellow card. Which was fair for the circumstances. A red card blows it out of proportion.

Look at JCP’s tackle on Taggert and compare it to the tackle on JCP that resulted in Lolley’s penalty kick. (I’m sorry I can’t catch the Perth players name. ) Compare that tackle to the tackles that have been made by Sydney players and been reviewed by VAR and turned into red cards.

There is some massive inconsistencies here.

Let the referee make a decision. I accept that sometimes it may need another look. But if a ref needs to look at more then two replays it’s not clear and obvious.


Pains me to say it, but if there ever was a moment in football the orange card, or whatever it is, could’ve been used, it was that sequence of play.

Otherwise we’re just telling defenders to not defend and stand off players and don’t make it hard for them. Go play netball where there’s no contact.

JGR was doing what any CB should be doing against an opposition attacking threat and nobody can convince me that there was an obvious goal scoring opportunity for Taggart when neither player had control of the ball.

What was Adam going to score with? His shoe lace?

We don’t deserve VAR here, grossly misused and refs need to go back to making a call and standing by the decision.

That’s what I mean by multiple people. Tackle on JCP is comparable to hollmans, both better than the one on Davilla and all different outcomes from different refs/VAR. it’s subjective, unlike in cricket or tennis where the reviews work well because it is, or can be made to be black and white.

Even the red in our game involved 2 refs. VAR prompting the ref to have a look at a behind the scenes incident they missed makes sense. But when King has a good enough view to say yellow what’s the point? Then there’s 2 people involved in a matter of opinion around how much contact is too much and whether it is “obvious” scoring opportunity or not.

Put yourself in Kings shoes- you’ve just been told from another experienced ref in the VAR booth who has both time and multiple camera angles, that they reckon you’ve got it wrong and should have another look. It’d take a fair whack of courage to back yourself. It’d be interesting to know the stats on how often the ref gets pulled to have a look at one of these genuine 50/50s and doesn’t change their mind - I don’t think it’s been often (FWIW I reckon grant should’ve given away a pen in the second half lol. Probably a square up for us). Still, there’s an inherent pressure to change the decision cos otherwise why did VAR get involved?

Agree that if it’s not obvious from 1 or 2 views at full speed (offsides excluded) it’s subjective and should be left. As you say, the fact it is controversial enough to get talked about so much is the sign that it hasn’t resulted in better decisions in these circumstances, and just ruins the flow and enjoyment of the game. Mistakes are going to be made on 50/50s, don’t just shift the mistake to someone else.

It’s not going anywhere but I’ll keep whinging about it.

I think we’re agreeing.

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I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, time limit for the ref. If they can’t decide in 30 seconds if a decision needs to be overturned, they can’t decide. Their training needs to push having 100% confidence that their initial decision was completely wrong to allow an overturn.

For the record, I think the red was 100% a red card, no doubt in my mind off that first play. Perth would have been through on goal. Whether he would have controlled the ball or not is a moot point and starts to bring in WAY too many “what if” scenarios into the equation. It’s pretty poor on JGR to make a tackle like that, especially with his prior reds. He’s still amazing at what he does and has a lot of potential in the future, just needs to control his physical game way more. He’s also a fairly built kid, which will work against in games where he pushes players off etc.

I’m not convinced JGR is even trying to make a tackle. Taggart initiates the contact by slowing and changing direction, after which it’s all over. I think it’s just inexperience.

His first red was very unlucky, as evidenced by the myriad identical challenges across the league before and since that weren’t punished. And this one was a borderline foul for a borderline OGSO. Very much agree he’s gotta be smarter but I don’t think it’s reflective of an attitude problem or anything like that.


There was also a myriad of identical challenges that were punished though… As a defender, he shouldn’t be really looking at the tackles that weren’t punished, but the fact that some refs to call them out for them.

Yeah, that’s fair. But he’s also been a defender for a total of about four months. I’m willing to cut him some slack.

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Wasn’t he a defensive mid before that? Don’t get me wrong, also happy to give him some slack, but definitely something the coaching staff need to work at. Like I said before, he’s a muscly kid, he just needs to learn to not overuse his size in tackles.

Pretty much. Donkey Taggart pivoted his body in a way that blocked JGR & encouraged some sort of contact. He’s young, his positioning will get better & better.

Also what looked like the shirt grabbing.