Round 25 - Adelaide vs Sydney FC - 29/05/21

If we win this then I believe we mathematically are guaranteed second place. It would be good to get that wrapped up before our Socceroos leave.

Grand final preview.



Forza Warland.

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Should we give Wilko a rest pre-finals and play Warland with Gowser?

We need a win here to get a good grasp on second. If we win we can think about resting in the Roar game (though resting Wilko and no McGowan means a Flottman/Warland CB)

Yes but we won’t.

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Pretty sure Flottman is still loaned out to Brisbane unless thats already over.

Didn’t they put out some vague “we thank Flottman for his time at the club” like 2 weeks ago?

Actually not vague at all.

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Squad is in. Baum is out.

Injured or omitted?

Injured. Hammy.

Weakens the bench a bit but we’ll be otherwise unchanged then. Something about peaches and baguettes.

Would definitely take a draw from this, and probably against Brisbane next week too.

Pretty much our best starting 11 in their positions.

Massive game but where is all the crowd?

ALF! we deserved that one too…we’re all over them.

Helluva start!