Round 3 - 2020/21 Discussion

Newcastle vs Western Suburbs about to start. Hoping to see Newcastle win 6-0.

It looks like Macarthur vs Wellington tomorrow at 5:10pm is the only other game this weekend. Brisbane vs Melbourne Victory has been postponed due to the Brisbane lockdown.

How is it that, on paper at least, Newcastle have the stronger line up?
Is there another football club in the world that resembles the Trump presidency better than WSW?

Ali Abbas to bang in the winner please sports Jesus.

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Ziggy Gordon scores. Newcastle should just fold right now.

The shittest guy in the A league just scored

Did Jets have a tifo?

About 5 boos for Robinson and Ibini when they both appeared on the screen. No tifo that I could see.

I know its not the vibe up there but full poison would have been good.


That’s a penalty for me Geoff

WTF has happened to Bozza’s hair?

Yuel is the quintessential A-League youngster. Athletic so gets into good positions, but zero end product.

Watch him score a worldy now.

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One for Russel instead.

Tate Russel has looked really good in his last couple of games

Thurgate needs a slap in the face.

Russell scores, set up by Cox.

Yeah, he looks the goods.

As if Newcastle aren’t in enough trouble. I shudder to think how bad they’ll be next season without Ugarkovic.

Bring Ali on.

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Lol the boos. Love it.