Round 5 - Sydney FC vs Pure Evil - 25/11/18

The first game I can attend this season.

Got a real bad feeling about it.

The match preview can be viewed here:

Are you saying that we’re going to get arse blasted?

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Genuine question: Anyone know if the grassed area on the hill will be family (picnic blanket) friendly? I’ve noticed the St George games it appears to be a standing area.

You are entitled to standing room only on the hill. I know it says something to that effect on the Dragons website, can’t be bothered looking for it… The A-Z and stadium terms of entry don’t say anything specifically about picnic blankets

I’d expect the size of the crowd will dictate how much space you’ll be allowed to take up. Best to go early - before the crowd builds up - if you want to have a picnic and be prepared to pack it up before kick off.
If there’s more than, say, 10k at the game, you won’t be able to take up that much room, I’d guess.
People will stand in front of you and you won’t see anything, sitting down, anyway.
All depends on how zealous the security are, too


Apparently this game is going to be a sell out.

Cheers for that. Maybe save the hill for a Wellington game.

Yeah I read somewhere we are down to single seats in the grandstand. Should be one hell of an atmosphere.

I have a bad feeling about this as well as Melbourne have a lot of firepower which can hurt us if we aren’t at our best in defence.
However, seeing that it will be a sellout at Jubilee, I reckon we can get a cracking atmosphere going and get the boys over the line.
2-1 to the good guys.

I’ve been looking forward to this game since the draw was released. It’s been such a weird start to the season, Adelaide away, SCG Derby, City away, Jets away, International Break. I’m just craving watching a home game with good atmosphere and a decent view of the game. The match itself is hard to pick but as long as the boys stay focused I think we can walk away with the win.

I really hope we get good numbers to the game, a packed Jubilee will be awesome.

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Let’s show these Melbourne bastards how to support a football team. A sell out will be an amazing atmosphere and there should be points in the game where the whole stadium is singing. I’ve got a nervous and excited feel about this one. Really want pay back for last time we played them which I’d prefer not to remember.
Also is it acceptable for me to racially abuse Ola Toivonen because he’s Swedish and I’m half Swedish.


Don’t forget, it is a double header. Turn up for the W-League team as well.


Vuck looked decent in the derby v City last week. Should be two pretty good quality games which is always good.

Think we’ll get a draw against Vuck in A-League, win in W-League. Put all your money on Antonis scoring again

and also making some noise during our girls game as well! maybe not for the full 90 but atleast here and there, no one wants to watch football in a library

The club emailed around about some new active support group for the W-League team, didn’t they? Does anyone know what that’s about?

Yeah, except it’s not.

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Correct, If you’re going to racially abuse him, do it because he’s Finnish.

Just kidding.

It is a very Finnish sounding name. Should we all bring rakes? I can’t see security having a problem with that.


A pax no offering for those marginalized disciples - 9717.

That makes the crowd what, 17-18k? That would be amazing if it comes off.

Got tix on the hill but all the seated areas, save for the cove maybe, appear to be single seats only. This is gonna be sweet.