Round 6 - 2020/21 Discussion

Somewhere to post about this round. Will put the games in later

Hopefully that’s Brillantes goal for the season out of the way

What’s this Battle of the Bridge rubbish down in Melbourne? It’s a fucking overpass!

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Only as long as it remains standing.


Still to soon haha

Was Kilkenny injured for the Victorys 3rd? If not that was utterly pathetic.

Really don’t understand what he was thinking. Give any sort of Rojas contact there, he goes down, you get a booking but you take that. Very strange

Mariners-Nix postponed. Damn, I was probably going to head up the M1 for this.

So presumably that means that CCM’s NYE game is off too? No more games for the rest of the year sucks. This is usually the best time of year, with at least one game on each evening.

Yeah it’s a great time to watch the football, either at home or in the ground.

With nearly a dozen players and staff affected there is no way the NYE game will be on

I dunno, your NPL team seems pretty good.

Only when we play APIA, WSW and you guys