Round 6 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne - 17/11/19

Can’t get over how bad Victory’s squad is this season. It’s glorious.

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Fucking amateurs.


Tard podcast is glorious at the moment.


Damn…I’d rather play them at full strength, we are going to get lazy and lose/draw this one imo. We do not seem to play well when we are heavy favourites (as opposed to usual where we are just favourites).

A few examples I recall us slacking off when we should have reasonably expected to win with ease:

  • Draw with garbage CCM team at Leichhardt last season
  • 0-3 down to Wellington at half time at Jubilee last season
  • 1-0 down (I think) to CCM at Jubilee last season where they imploded and got a red card, at which point we lifted
  • Wanderers loss this season which had shades of England vs Poland 1973
  • Pre-season FFA Cup loss 0-2 to Brisbane at Leichhardt this season.

I am more worried about their youth players which might have something to prove than the talentless hacks that are out for this one.


You think we slacked off in the Derby? Really?

It’s the laws of the A-League that when one team is super underdogs they’ll find a way

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Ur picking the wrong games to use as examples.

The one after the 6-1 game was the most enjoyable hour of schadenfreude I’ve ever experienced.


Every week they are shit its worth a listen.

I’ll never forget the woman who drove from Melbourne then left well before the game ended.


God, that was amazing.

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As long as we get the W against the tards - that is all that matters


Was so beautiful to listen to that pod. One of the greats.

Another mothers day masacare

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Never thought I’d see the day that this fixture would double as a Complacency Cup round but here it is.
I predict a Leigh Broxham park football perfect hat trick will see us thoroughly arse blasted and take the lead on the CC ladder.


A clean sheet would be nice.

If anyone feels like reminiscing:


The piss take victory goal celebration we did after they got their consolidation was one of my favourite things from that night. I bet it really stung to hear us singing it.

According to SBS, Robbie Kruse is going to make the squad for the big blue not having fully recovered from his hamstring injury, despite not even having made a return to proper training. While Kruse is fragile at the best of times, I can’t imagine him having must of an effect with his low game fitness.