Round 6 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne - 17/11/19

Double header, big blue, Jubilee.

Victory getting messed around with internationals. Haha

Why did they agree to the new date if it didn’t suit them?

Man, 16 days between games is crazy. I’m not a fan of these byes (glad they’re only for this season). Ironically, I am in favour of international breaks, so go figure (I think it’s because I get pumped for the national team(s)).

I’m all for MV’s depth to be tested, but it really does make a mockery of this fixture. The big blue has such a strong history; playing when there are players off representing their country is stupid. Still, I hope we fuckin destroy them.


Why? Who are they losing?

Roux, kamsoba, athiu, deng, traore

My understanding is that Sydney tried to swap the bye with a team when it become apparent we would have 3 keepers (redders, thb with u23, & pavlesevic @ u17 wc potentially), they then looked at alternative dates with boxing day being the most feasible date which mv declined as they “didn’t want to travel on Xmas day”

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Christ. With Nabbout & Kruse injured they may as well ask Archie to pack his boots.

So they don’t have one player or a member of their coaching staff in their team that hasn’t played on Boxing Day ?

No mercy,double figures would be nice!


We all know what happened the last time we played these guys after a week off.


Worth noting that Zullo is set to return for this. No more Retre at LB hopefully, and worst case scenario if Grant pulls up injured with the Roos - we’ve got Retre there to cover which is more than ok.

Vuck looked toothless against Nix for the most part, was surprised how little they tried to actually apply pressure on Nix when they were in possession. Take Toivonen out of this team and Vuck are not in finals contention.

Barbarouses, Baumjohann, and Grant all going up against likely Broxham at LB.

They are worse than the Mariners without him.

We’re gonna get arse blasted.



The dub team I reckon have a good chance of actually having a good start this year. Victory have recruited well and we actually have the same core squad together. Very excited to see Huerta play further forward, and for Remy back up front.

Not sure on the availability of Ibini, Evans, and Hristodoulou.

We’re too confident.

This has arse blasting banana peel all over it.

I won’t be satisfied unless the result is similar, AND their bus catches fire on the way back down the Hume again.

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I’m really looking forward to heading down for this and also seeing the women’s team play. Should be a good afternoon of football!

Some of the Victory fans who bought tickets for a Saturday fixture before it got moved will hopefully be mid-air during kick-off.


Deng and Traore are HAL average but playing poorly atm. The other 3 are awful atm. Kids and Josh Hope may have something to prove, maybe an upgrade?