Round 6 - Sydney FC vs Perth - 2/12/23

Surely, surely we can score a goal at home.

Oh god, we go again?

If we can’t beat Perth at home, then the club deserves to be folded in a neat little package and disposed of.

In before someone says we should have signed Adamson.

But agreed, fold the club.

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Another game?

Didn’t we just have on on the weekend?

I mean fair call to Talay, we haven’t lost a single game since Saturday!


We won in the spirit of the game, and that’s what counts!

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I mean that’s the thing about this modern football! The kids are now watching and coming up with these ridiculous notions that we need to “score goals” to “win games.” I mean that’s why football is in the state that it’s in. Until they start understanding the spirit, football is going to continue going downhill!

To be fair, we did have a moral victory over the Wanderers

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xG is Sky Blue!


Hard to consider it a victory when morally there’s never a contest to begin with. :wink:


I heard we are signing Ben Stokes on an injury replacement deal for Rodwell.

I heard we’re bringing in Chick fil A - international signing to replace him.

Probably on marquee coin.

if we score a goal we should storm the pitch imo


And throw Chicken Treat at the players all whilst yelling “You’re shit, Ahhhhhhhhh”


chick-fil-a scoring at allianz for sydney? aren’t they home-ophobic?


Fuck is the season STILL going?

Thought it was time for Simpson memes about player signings now.

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If we can’t beat Perth then fold the club already, don’t drag this out for another 20 rounds or whatever. I wanna free my Saturday nights up.


I think replacing a guy who is routinely unavailable due to injury, with a chicken franchise who won’t play on Sundays due to goy Shabbos or something, is hardly likely to improve our defensive deficiencies.

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