Round 7 - Sydney FC vs Brisbane - 15/01/22

I imagine both teams are going to have a bit of rotation here. I’m glad we could rest a few key players in the Cup.

Has this been cancelled yet?

Also, is this the ch10 game?

I still can’t believe Brisbane bothered flying back last night, just because they didn’t want to get tested or something.

Surely it would have been logistically easier to hole themselves up in a hotel, only emerging for a quick training sesh, and then straight to the ground on Saturday.

Pretty sure it isn’t

Play the kids. All in on the Cup on Tuesday thanks.

It is the channel 10 game


I reckon we will grab a scrappy 1-0 win in a fairly mundane encounter, livened up only when we cop a late red card and have to defend desperately for the last ten minutes.


… it’s Mariners.

Yeah, they schooled us a month ago.

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Quality bantz, we’re apparently debuting the new purple kit this weekend, wouldn’t put it past Brisbane to wear blue to try and maintain the Origiiiiin.

We are playing the kids. Our second XI IS our first XI at the moment.

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Transfer window is open, will we see Amini play any part?

He was warming up with the team before the FFA Cup game, seems like he is ready.

The article when he signed said he was allowed to train with the squad, but couldn’t play until the window opened. We should see him play next game.

Yeah, it is open today,

14 Jan - 10 Feb.

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In the press conference Corica didn’t seem to think he’ll be starting.

It was along the lines of “good performances when he gets the chance, and we’ll have to build him up to starting games”…

Yeah I would think a 70th minute sub would be the way

Well it’s raining so a good chance this match will probably go ahead


Zero buzz around this game.

It’s going to be one for the rusted on anorak weirdos, like us…


True but they are the best kind of people