Round 7 - Western vs Sydney FC - POSTPONED

Well maybe this game will go ahead?

Honestly who knows what to say? Form is so tough to gauge now

Hang on, I thought it was the off-season?

This is a preseason cup match, obviously

Not sure how in the know this person is, but…

If so going to either have to extend the season (and who knows if thatll placate things) or do what theyre doing in the Big Bash and NBA (and I assume other sports) and just say replace any player with covid with players from the league below on short term contracts. Doesnt exactly help the integrity of the competition though

How does replacing sick/injured players with short term contracts reduce the integrity of the competition?

Obviously theres not much choice with COVID but when youve got a situation like the Melbourne Stars with more than half their team out with COVID playing against a team with no outs it doesnt exactly become a fair contest. And getting a team when theyre in the midst of an outbreak or after theyve overcome it could massively alter the result,

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Run what ya brung

Game has been postponed this week…

I wonder what the AFC’s rules are on how many cases/pending test results is considered too much considering our qualifying starts in 2 months.

I just want to watch football, goddammit!! :sob:


Well, when this eventually gets played we’ll still be seeing

Zullo - 1 week (Calf)

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I thought this omicron was a mild strain just let the games be played ffs.

You’re kidding right?

It’s mild as in you don’t usually need to go to hospital, still fucks you up like a bad flu, do you expect players to play with flu symptoms?

Whilst it is milder than the Delta strain, it is still so severe that most of the 1,600 people in NSW currently in hospital have the omicron strain. There are also currently in NSW 130 people in an Intensive Care Unit with 32 of those on a ventilator and there have been 75 deaths in the last seven days.

So not really mild at all.


How many current cases are there though?
How many of the hospitalised are in there because of COVID and not there because of another issue but have subsequently tested positive to COVID.
Of those numbers you have quoted how many are at least double vaccinated?
How many of those numbers you quote have underlying health issues?

How many times have we heard the heroic story of the sports person being on their sick bed all week but coming good for game day? Whether it be the flu, a stomach bug or some other virus they’re out there and playing. We’re talking about the fittest of the fittest with some of the best medical care readily available to them. If they’re deemed fit to play by the club medical staff and are vaccinated, regardless of whether they’re positive or not, they should be allowed to play.

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So there would typically be 1600 in hospital at this point of the year? And the ventilation is for the other underlying issues presumably.

No but we’re in the middle of a pandemic, that is going to happen. People will get sick and need to be hospitalised, we cannot prevent that, but 1600 people is a very low percentage. How do those numbers compare to a bad flu season?
The health system isn’t going to be improved any time soon and the virus isn’t going anywhere. The vast majority of people are asymptomatic or experience mild symptoms. Any other illness like that and we don’t cancel everything and lock ourselves away. The idea of isolation is to stop the spread but that horse has long bolted.
Life will never go back to the way it was, we have to move on and live with COVID.

In NSW there are at least 380,550 current active cases with 38,625 new cases in the last 24 hours. That is a minimum number as there will be more unreported cases in the community. Why did you ask, how is this relevant to the discussion?

All of them. The figures are for people who have been hospitalised because of COVID although the figures have now gone up since I last posted. The number of people in hospital has increased from 1,609 to 1,738 and the number of people in ICU has increased from 130 to 134. There were 11 deaths overnight. There have been no reports of patients catching COVID after presenting to a hospital.

Again, why did you ask, how is this relevant to the discussion?

As near as I can tell, the government ceased publishing data on deaths by vaccination status / underlying medical conditions on 18 December 2021 but at that time 15.3% of deaths occurred amongst the fully vaccinated. But, again, how is this relevant? Are you advocating for a eugenics solution to the unvaccinated?

The list of postponements and games played by the youth squads would suggest that some of them are not “coming good for game day”. But again, how is this relevant to the original post in which I refuted the statement that omicron was mild.

The current figures show that in NSW there are currently 1,738 people so sick that they require hospitalisation, 134 in ICU, 32 on ventilators and 11 deaths overnight. This is not a mild disease and behaving as if it is and ignoring previously successful strategies such as masks, QR code’s and social distancing will only result in the spread of a deadly disease,

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