Round 8 - Australia's Shame vs Sydney FC - 16/12/23



Can people stop with the juvenile ableist shit? I thought we’d moved on.


Fire up for the real derby, not like that fake derby with those people from over in the west somewhere.


11 players, Pava (or Gus?) in goals instead of Redders from minute 1. Since some of you may be under the impression that I’m blindly a Redders apologist, let me clarify:

If our problems come down to the form of a single player, I’d prefer that to a deep-rooted problem which requires a more complicated fix. I maintain that our main issue on paper is the lack of goals we’re scoring, OBVIOUSLY not helped by our conceding, but you need to score to win, but you can concede and still win (Like Victory last weekend).

Having said that, I’d be happy enough with a draw away to Melbourne, maybe 2 or 3-all. And then we’d also have some more perspective for our game against WUN in terms of our choice of keepers. Considering the rest of the squad, would experience or youth be the safest gamble?

We all want youth, but bemoan their inexperience

We need experience but older players are too old and prone to errors

Got to love being a football fan


Finally we get to see a game in some reasonable weather

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Fuck Melbourne they’re shit

We also went down in the semi with our strongest ever lineup…

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Draw it is

We’ll win Redmayne isn’t playing.

and our lineup at the moment is pretty weak…so yeah put your money on the good guys!

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Rodwell, Burgess AND Kucharski apparently are in the squad.



Kucharski Hattrick.

Rodwell snaps Bruno’s legs.

We lose 4-3


This is one game I’d advocate one of our players scything straight through Fornaroli in the first five minutes and risk getting sent off if it means him having to be taken off. I certainly don’t fancy JGR being able to do anything about him otherwise.

I’m not a gambling man, but Melbourne @ $2.05 feels like free money.

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Isnt it practically a full squad?

I’m talking about the squad as a whole

Where would people go for pre-game drinks?