Round 8 - Australia's Shame vs Sydney FC - 16/12/23

If we can put 90 minutes together like we did last week, but with 11 players, then we can beat any team in this league. Big test for the squad here.

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Bruno Fornarolli is going to absolutely arseblast us.


We still open up at the back and allow plenty counter attacks. To win we will have to score 3-4

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There’s no way this Melbourne team would ever ship 3 goals…

Fuck me dead I didn’t realise we were playing Victory this week…

Gonna prepare the peach early for the baguetting that will occur.

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Just can’t see us winning or even getting a draw. Maybe if Burgess comes back and we get a Christmas miracle and Rodwell plays, it might revitalise us. Only way I can see us getting something.

If someone could snap Teague and/or Chapman, that would be grand.

I would say snap Fornarolli, but if he takes this form into the Asian Cup (should he be selected…) maybe letting him run a train through our defence mightn’t be a bad thing?

Getting the butt plug ready for the upcoming arseblasting

Club > Country.

If we can get anywhere near him that is.


I’m sure Brattan will give it a red hot go.

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Red card pending.


Played him in beautifully in R1 to get him up and running for the season

5–0 incoming.

It’s time.


I can live with an arse blasting, if our players just go and emulate Kevin Muscat v Adrian Zahra on their players every time we get the ball.

If we have enough players sent off, we only lose 3-0. Significantly better for us than what I’m expecting us to lose by.

Rhyan Grant can give Rhyan Teague the Canowindarian kiss.

Bruno Fornarolli. He can’t run without legs!

Chris Ikonomidis? More like Chris Ownmykneeshurt


There’s a story behind that video.

Does anybody know it?

Yep, Melbourne is full of cunts


It’d be so sick if we won


That’s a reasonable attitude to have for WC R16 v Argentina.

This Melbourne fucking Victory. We rolled them with Middleby Busch Prentice Golec. We’ll be fine.