Round 9 - Sydney FC vs Macarthur - 28/02/21

Or the noise of trophies clinking together

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Hof Milos and wood start

Like tin cans behind a bridal car?

I don’t know how the noise doesn’t irritate them. If I scratched a chalkboard with my fingernails it’d irritate me as well as the people around me, maybe more.

& Bobo off the bench. Very good starting 11 I reckon. Great for Wood to get a decent run too

But I thought…

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Either the screech when you start to split over wanded milk or the first drip hitting dry grounds in a SO cold drip.

I live the stereotype.

That’s the one!

Come on you Sydney

Redders looking relaxed. Good stuff.

Calem is the only thing keeping our midfield together.

Also there’s a kid with a cowbell about three seats behind me and it’s a nightmare

Tell him children should be seen not herd. :slight_smile:


Beautiful pass by Ninko to Kosta

Ninko just waltzing through. :heart_eyes:

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He’s a wizard.

Have to finish that, argh!

Immense ball and great run from Wood. Took too many touches but great run

you HAVE to finish that… barely worked the keeper

Got to put one of these away. Great passage of play from us