Round 9 - Sydney FC vs Western United - 23/12/23

Well at least the sky blue santa hats get to make an appearance.

Western have been as bad as us this season so maybe there’s the faintest sliver of a chance in this one.


Even at this early stage of Talay’s tenure, we’re going to learn a bit from him and from the squad this week. What happened on Saturday night was not fucking on in all sorts of ways.


Are these happening again this year? They ran out last year.

Again? Oh for fucks sake

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Oh I’m just rolling out the old ones, I’ve still got the ones with the old badge on it from 7-8 years ago.

Yeah, feels like deja vu from last year when we played them in Tasmania and that tatted-up Italian old Fella scored a worldie from almost half way.

That was a dire game. I predict the same dross.

Yep looking forward to wearing the blue santa hat and literally nothing else about going to this.


That’s going to be quite a look.


Hope the weather stays warm for you.


It won’t matter. Our performances are hardly anything to get up for.

Relegation six pointer.

I’ll bring the second one I have just in case.

Has all the makings of a 5-3 win, which will likely be the highlight of our season. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.



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Does it decide who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon?

Do they get to dance by the light of the moon?

Our roll on starts from this weekend.


Comfortable win to ease the goo feasting, scrape past high flying nix, then start the new year being spanked by a bog poor brisbane side. Im ready, at least there are plenty of drinking hours now

Theme for the weekend.

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