Russia v Ukraine - WWIII or Putin's cliff dive?

FUCK they all know! Someone needs to be fired for that

No wonder the Russians hate you!

Are they Russians, or are they really Poles???

We should rush out and do a poll.

There’s easier ways to get laid…


I should be so lucky.

Russian’s just hit the biggest Children’s Hospital in Kiev in a rare daylight strike. I would say it’s in retaliation for hitting a massive ammunition storage area in Russia 2 days ago. The ammunition storage area was reportedly exploding for an entire day. Shows just how much stuff they had there.

Show just how much of a pack of cunts the Russians are:

Responding to taking out a legitimate military target, by targeting a fucking Childrens hospital.

At this point it’s just another footnote in the database that is Russian war crimes and crimes against humanity. They’ve history of targeting hospitals in Ukraine, Syria, and probably Chechnya and Georgia too.

At this point EU/NATO just need to step in and fucking end this. Give Russia the conflict they clearly so desperately desire, and wipe the floor with them. They’re not far off being as despicable as the Nazis.


When your enemy has nukes you shouldn’t rush into that & China is just hanging for this to escalate so that America can be kept busy in another theatre of war. :wink:

So Hungary’s President Viktor Orban’s been running around having meetings in Russia. Several European nations have come out and declared them to be illegitimate as they were done under the “EU Flag” without authorization.

Paulska probably can elaborate on it more, so Orban’s been orbiting closer to Russia the last couple years, but it smacks of Putin using Orban to force Ukraine to fold.

Spot the difference. We’re happy to name and shame the perpetrator in one instance, but not the other.

Ed: not just ours, the Guardian too.


I don’t think he’s necessarily been claiming it’s an EU mission, however Hungary currently holds the Presidency of the EU (rotates in between countries). So Orban has used this to make it look legitimate and EU sanctioned, even though it’s 100% not. A letter written by Orban to the EU, on how the peace process should look, is 100% Russian propaganda of course. It mentions 40-50,000 Ukrainian losses per month, without stating Russian losses and doesn’t even mention Russia’s role in starting the war in the first place. Orban is simply a mouthpiece for Russia and Byelorussia is. Orban himself is pretty much running a dictatorship and fears losing his position.

A 7th Australian volunteer has been killed in Ukraine in the last week.

F-16s to begin flying missions in Ukraine this month.

Be interesting to see if the new planes have an immediate impact

Transfer has already begun according to NATO. I don’t think they’ll have that huge of an affect to tell you the truth. It’ll take the pressure off of the MiGs for sure, but it’s not likely they’ll be able to have air-superiority. Russia has long been launching airborne attacks from their own airspace, they’re just using gliding bombs etc. so they’re safe.

Part of the F-16 deal would be in modernising the Ukrainian army in general, bringing them on par with NATO specs, making resupply and production significantly easier, and having to rely on Russian leaning countries less and less. There’s not too many countries that can supply Soviet standard ammunition in large quantities, the biggest outside of Russia would be India.

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Germany and the US just foiled a plot to assassinate the CEO of Rheinmetall and allegedly two Russian spies have beem arrested in Australia after trying to get access to DoD files.

Australia also gives $250 mill worth of aid in pur biggest aid package

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Poland is also currently exploring the idea of shooting down Russian missiles travelling in the direction of Poland over Ukrainian space. Theyre tired of Russian missiles breaching their borders but dont have enough time to react when they do cross