Sam Kerr: Racial Abuse or 'Tilly Sausage?

FA chief executive James Johnson said he heard through the media.

“I woke up this morning like everyone else did to the news, and that is when Football Australia found out about this unsettling event,” he said.

“We are trying to get to the bottom of it at the moment. We have got our own questions that we’d like to know, we have got to find out what actually happened.

“But we also want to say that there is a process that is under way in the United Kingdom and that process needs to run its course.”

She’s probably keep it a little too close to the chest there.

In any case I will find this very funny if it’s come about because she’s abused them for being English. Though obviously it wont be that sadly.

“Your honour, I was talking about the black CAB, not the African man”.


A racist is a racist. Nice to see the entitled show their true colours & lash out like a tantrum toddler when the world doesn’t kowtow to their diva-ness.

She can go fuck herself like every other racist piece of shit in the world.


I mean she’s been charged… We don’t know what the circumstances are or anything else, or even if it’s proven to be true… She deserves a presumption of innocence until proven guilty


Reports are that Sam Kerr called the police officer a "stupid white bastard’.

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I’m curious as to what your thoughts are now the insult has come to light?

My feelz are it is not as bad as I was worried about / potentially fearing anyway.

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Can only wonder how that’s even got through whoever the DPP equivalent is in the UK. And a 4-day trial…

Someone I suspect from the British right wanting to create a firestorm.


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And if she’d, allegedly, called a black officer “stupid black bastard”? Would that have been not so bad?

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Huh? It would obviously be worse.

Calling someone a stupid white bastard ain’t no aggravated racial harassment, imo.

No idea what the legal test is, but what person could genuinely claim injury from that?

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Surely vilification of skin colour is the same regardless of colour? Or is it worse the darker the skin tone?

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I’m just disappointed she didn’t call him a “pommy cunt”, in true Australian fashion.


Hey so I don’t know if you missed this about history, but most of Britain’s (and Australia’s) wealth came from white people disposessing, enslaving and exploiting people of colour.

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nope - 100% get that. But that isn’t what is being discussed here.

Or do we all have an excuse to abuse the Germans for WW2 etc? Or the Italians for the roman empire, or the monguls etc etc

Racism, and racial vilification, is the same irrespective of history.


It’s not just about the history of the people. It’s about history of the language. It’s about the context and how that language has been used, historically.

These are just my opinions. If you think it’s all the same, racism is colour blind and if you’re a white person and you think you’re equally offended by being called a white bastard as a black person who has faced intergenerational abuse, exploitation or vilification over the colour of their skin being called a black bastard - then you do you, I guess.

I reckon that’s snowflake energy, tho.


Me personally, I am looking at the charge in this case and the reaction to it.

as far as I know it (from whats been reported and it is in the tabloids in the UK so taken with a shovel of salt)

  • she puked in cab
  • refused to pay for charges related to said puke in cab (it wasn’t a dispute over the fare but the cleaning charge)
    -cops called
  • abused cop that responded based on skin colour

Not sure what is defendable.

If this was an indigenous NRL player in Double bay, who puked in a cab, refused to pay and then called the cop a “white bastard” I don’t know if the push for understanding or forgiveness would be quite so quick.

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I’m not sure what to say here. Racism is obviously respective of history. What you’re saying is illogical.

Calling a black person the N word is in the context of slavery. This is bad. Calling a white person a slave owner is not the same.

Calling a black person a monkey or ape is to do with viewing black people less evolved / less intelligent (according to white supremacist ideology). This is bad. Calling a white person the very same words does not have this power.

I can understand what you’re getting at in that there’s prejudice going on here. Sam apparently insulted the copper & brought in skin colour. She’s acted like a brat. Probably is one. It’s hardly racism, though.


I don’t think anyone is defending that.

I’m talking about this:

I’m pretty sure I heard that the case is being heard around this time next year. That’s how seriously they’re taking it over in the UK. I have a feeling this will blow over relatively quickly in the (sensible) media. The cookers will continue to have a field day, though.