Santo stepping down

I hope you are well and excited about the upcoming A-Leagues season. It was great to see our Men’s team qualify for the Australia Cup Final and we look forward to securing another trophy for our club.

I just wanted to share some personal news with you that I will be stepping down as CEO after ten very enjoyable years working at this great club.

I am very fortunate to have contributed to some extremely significant milestones in our club’s history, including our return to the new Allianz Stadium, the opening of Sky Park and the launch of our Female Football Pathway.

I have many highlights, but during my tenure as CEO I was extremely proud to witness Sydney FC break its Membership record and achieve a Premiership and Championship double in the A-League Women.

It has been a fantastic ride and we’ve enjoyed a lot of fabulous moments. I will depart with so many great memories from all our achievements both on and off the field.

I will be remaining as CEO until my replacement has been appointed, it is therefore business as usual while I ensure a smooth transition to the new CEO.

When it is time for me to say goodbye, I look forward to taking a break and spending time with my family.

For now, I can’t wait to start the season with a bang by bringing home more silverware and setting more records off the field.

Kind regards,


Santo, not Abdo :wink:

PS: Is that link good? Not sure I would trust it.

Direct link to website:

Cheers, old timers moment :rofl:

Only copied the email the club sent out.

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Not a huge loss, followed the wanderers formula of new stadium = success and dropped the ball.

Yeah I’m not too disappointed either.
Treated the fans with utter contempt during the GF decision debacle.

Was very much the bean counter and I am not sure he was the right person to fill the CEO shoes. Under his tenure, the club made made adjustments to membership allocations without transparency and screwed over the Platinum plus members at the same time (I am not one of them)

Little to no fan engagement either.

In saying that, running an A League football club would be a tough gig the last few seasons. There would have been a lot of pressure to cut costs from the owners and Board. Plus the appointment of ABJ and Wilko are great football hires

Luckily he will be staying on in the role until his successor is secured I guess. New sponsor needs to be found and the bedding down of the new Sky Park facility may still be ongoing.


Don’t think that’s entirely fair. Myself, and many others, got phone calls from Santo explaining the decision and what led to it, and was supporter of having a fan representative group. Was transparent with myself and others on a lot of club issues.

Follow the blame game further up the ladder.

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I am sorry he is going… It is a really tough and time-consuming job.
People here tend to bask in things not going well, disappointments, personal irrritations; guess we all do. But in retrospect, I think it often makes us just look small.

FWIW, We had record membership last year (even after a diabolical year the previous year), made semi-final in the men’s; won everything in the women’s; academy producing good players and results. Increasing financial solidity too.
Great decisions to hire ABJ, Wilko and Zdrilla. Really good signs about academy players breaking into first team, or getting sold overseas.

I was very critical of Santo at the start but now regret many of my comments. Bloke has worked very hard and sincerely to advance our club over many years Deserves recognition for that.


I’m glad some people get the personal phone calls but the rest of us were left with the communications from the club that pretty much mirrored the contradicting messages that were coming from the APL

It’s actually pretty poor that members were treated differently and afforded different information when it came to this situation. That is a direct reflection on the CEO.

Congrats on the Victorian Premier role, Adam.


I think it’s very funny that he thinks it’s “personal news” - that he’s standing down as CEO.

I thought he was going to announce he was pregnant or something there for a second lol.


A life-long football fan as a player, referee, coach, and supporter Aubrey stood among Sydney FC’s active supporters ‘The Cove’ during the early years of the A-League and he has attended games all over the world including World Cups in Japan, South Africa and recently in Australia.

can we get a fact check on this?


Brought in someone from outside the company…


Looking forward to my first Sydney FC loot box.


The Star Wars round would make sense now…

Hopefully no involvement with the Cosby Suite.

Video game background?

No, I am not going to pay $10 to unlock a goal.