Semi Final Leg 1 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne City - 12/5/23

Allianz unavailable on Saturday night. ( Waratahs )

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Just on this, there was no NRL last weekend at Allianz and the Waratahs were away so the pitch shouldn’t have been played on for two weeks, It might have actually recovered somewhat.

In terms of crowd, 25k if we are extremely lucky. 745 on a Friday doesn’t suit families at all, however there may be a few SFS/SCG members who drop in on their way home to Point Piper.

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I’d be hoping we crack 20k… based on nothing more than my own enthusiasm after last weekend


I got young kids and I’m bringing 'em. My son wouldn’t let us miss it! There’s no school or work the next day so the late finish is ok.


Could have been amazing if they’d played in Parra and we get through to the grand final…

Anyone got the second email from Ticketek yet, for same seat purchases?

As in our actual tickets… if we bought our same seat?

The original SFC email said the actual tickets should be sent 48hrs before the game. So maybe Wednesday night, then?


When are the general public supposed to be able to buy tickets for this game? I thought someone said it was from midday today, but Ticketek don’t have any tickets available for this game.

Tickets on sale to General Public: 4:00pm AEST on Tuesday, 9 May 2023

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Cheers for that :slight_smile:

I’m not expecting a good result on Friday, but City are not afraid to ship a goal, which gives me some hope.

Does away goals apply or is it purely aggregate (i.e. Tied aggregate in 2nd leg means ET regardless of away goals)? From memory, away goals applied previously when we had two legs… elimination finals, I believe it was.

Won’t matter if we get smashed across the board. Still, good to ask.

No away goals rule.

Semi Finals

  • Each Semi Final tie will be played over two legs
  • The Club ranked 1 will play the lowest ranked winner of Matches A & B (Matches C & E).
  • The Club ranked 2 will play the highest ranked winner of Matches A & B (Matches D & F).
  • Clubs ranked 1 & 2 will be choose whether to play the first leg of their Semi Final tie at home or away
  • Scores across the two legs will be aggregated to determine the winner of the tie. The Away Goals rule will NOT be used.
  • The highest placed Club to advance to the Isuzu UTE A-League Grand Final (Match G) will be considered the ‘home’ Club.
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^^ that.

Also why the highest ranked team plays at home in the second leg, that way they get the advantage of extra time or penalties taking place at their home ground.

But they aren’t the home…sigh Nevermind.

Wait, both the Mariners and City could have chosen to play the second leg away? Not that they would. I just assumed it was automatic based on position.

Adelaide had the choice against us in season 1 and decided to play at home first. Didn’t work out for them :grin:


John Kosmina always seemed to take the option of having the first leg at home when he had the chance. He also did it with Sydney in 2007-08, and we got done by Frank Farina’s Roar team.

I’d always take the second leg at home if I had the choice.

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The only reason you’d do it is if you were at the end of a rough road trip and really wanted a home game next. Not really going to apply to teams who’ve also just had the week off (which didn’t used to be the case under the old format).

Wasn’t that because Suncorp wasn’t available for the second weekend?