Semi Final Leg 1 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne City - 12/5/23

I’m sure we’ve already played our grand final and this is just going to be bringing us back down to earth but I’m under no delusions we’ll win anyway. As long as it’s a decent performance over the two legs I’ll be okay.

That said, if we can play like we did in that second half for the whole game we could beat any team in this competition.

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I am stupidly excited by this… probably because my expectations for saturday were fairly low, this feels like a bonus fixture


For the first time all season, I’m optimistic about our chances. I’m also prepared for soul crushing misery.

However with the APL going to want at least one Sydney team in the final, I think our lizard rulers will tie the odds in our favour.

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I was certain we’d lose on Saturday, but honestly I feel like we’ve matched City this season. If we play like the second half of Saturday night we’ll grind them into a fine paste.

But the very fact that I feel positive guarantees that we’ll lose 4-0.

Basically this.

8 goals in two fixtures against them this year. It really could go either way.

I would feel a lot less nervous if that Jame McClaren bloke met with a bit of misadventure during the week.

Nothing too deadly, you know. Just enough to keep him out of the matches.

Same with that Tillio fella.

I’m not greedy… so will settle for Van Der Venne and Berenguer still being in cotton wool and Jamieson playing in midfield.

Anyone got an email from the club yet?

A mate has, but I am yet to.

Same code as the last game, site is up on ticketek but there are no details yet. Just says it opens at 12.

I was expecting a loss on Saturday because everything was stacked against us, their home final, their scabs turning up, them being favorites, our inability to score goals in key moments, lolly out, as well as some questionable defending all season with the 4-0 trouncing fresh in their minds it .

It was that reason that I was optimistic that with all the pressure on them, if we put in a decent shift we could steal it.

Our team showed up strong and fired up and someone must have entered some cheat codes or changed the game mechanics as the one touch football was a delight to watch as they got ripped apart as they caved under their own pressure. I don’t have that same feeling for this round but city are beatable and over two legs anything is possible if we can maintain this momentum.

Just came in for me

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Got mine and got my tickets…

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Will same seat (reserved) tickets appear as GA when buying them?

Mine did… placing trust in the system, otherwise i will just go to my normal seat anyway

We shall not flag or fail.
We shall go on to the end.
We shall fight in Melbourne,
We shall fight on the seas and oceans,
*We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, *
*We shall defend our goal, whatever the cost may be. *
We shall fight on the flanks,
We shall fight in the penalty boxes,
*We shall fight in the fields and in the streets,
*We shall fight in the channels; *
We shall never surrender.


They needed two late goals at home to defeat a pretty ordinary WSW side that we quite comfortably beat away with our best player only able to limp through like 5 minutes.

Shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Prediction for crowds?

Having to buy additional one-off tickets + Friday night fixture and Cove boycott may not be kind to the crowds but it is the first Finals game at the new SFS.

Is 15K doable?

I’d be happy with 15k, surprised with anything near 20k. Another factor is that it’s the first leg so the result won’t be decided on the night. Then again there is a solid feel good factor going around now after the derby win.

I think we get a gritty 1-1 and go into the second leg super confident where we then get smashed 4-0

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Ffs Friday night from all things it’s a work day will be hard pushed to make it.Well done Apl.