Semi Final leg 2: Melbourne City vs Sydney FC - 7.45pm 19/5/2023

He’s LIDL.


Decent season for me in our return season to Moore Park, but I’m not hard to please.

Mak out and Lolley on the bench we were always going to struggle.

Burgess red feels like of Brattan’s red in the 2021 GF. The stats were Heart with 120 passes vs our 60 passes a short time before. Probably out of frustration.

Burgess still our best player.

Happy off-season posting all!

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Let me tell you a little story about the history of Portugese colonists in southern Africa and the birds eye chilli, also known as the peri peri to the locals…

How on earth can that vile, rubbery, overpriced, flavourless rubbish be your favourite fast food?

Where you dropped on your head as a child? As an adult?

Are you the victim of the most vile domestic violence whence a family member seared the taste buds off of your tongue?

Did you accidentally leave your tongue soaking in hydrochloric acid?

Have you some disease of the mind where you file your tongue with a nail file?

I am shocked, dismayed but mostly disappointed.

And I haven’t even reflected on the game yet.

Nah, you actually have to play to be classified as best.

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Lotto numbers please.


My English father did it… it was our ritual stop at Brighton Le Sands after a day at Randwick/Moore Park.

He got my mother with it when they were living in SA and visited Mozambique. Told her the jar of extra sauce on the table wouldn’t be spicy… but her taste buds sadly survived and she still doesn’t appreciate the perfect balance of zest, heat and herbs that is the Nandos sauce, inspired by the same little road side diners.

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MOTM voting


I wonder if the MRP will see the Burgess card differently.

Do the red cards carry over in all competitions or just A-League games? Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets 2 weeks for it.

Yeah I want a jar of sauce from a dodgy road side diner in Mozambique!

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Refreshingly honest there from rado.
Said Aiden O’Neil, glover and probably tilio leaving at the end of the season.

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No chance.

Casino Royale is on 9gem for anyone who needs some bleach for their eyeballs.

And by that I mean Eva Green.

What are you on about, it hasn’t started yet.

Pretty sure, in this day and age, you can start it whenever you want.

I got a random message from old mate

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At least. Doing something so stupid and reckless so soon after his last stupid and reckless red might warrant extra suspension, I’d think…

He’s a DJ at Ibiza Miami. Those qualifications alone make him a shoe-in.

Worked for Joey Champness.

We do need an attacking and defensive midfielder.