SFC Academy in NPL 2019

Football NSW have announced that every single NPL and NPL U20s game will be livestreamed, which means we can see every single game our academy plays this season! (Okay they deleted the original tweet announcing this, but I’m sure it will be tweeted out again soon)

Here’s our schedule:
Sunday March 10 - 5:00 - Hakoah vs Sydney FC
Sunday March 17 - 3:30 - Manly vs Sydney FC
Saturday March 23 - 7:00 - Sydney FC vs Marconi
Saturday March 30 - 7:00 - Sydney FC vs Wollongong
Saturday April 6 - 7:00 - Mt Druitt vs Sydney FC
Saturday April 13 - 7:00 - Sydney FC vs Blacktown
Sunday April 21 - 4:30 - Rockdale vs Sydney FC
Saturday April 27 - 1:00 - Sydney FC vs Sydney United
Saturday May 4 - 7:00 - Sydney FC vs APIA
Saturday May 11 - 6:30 - Sutherland vs Sydney FC
Sunday May 19 - 4:00 - Olympic vs Sydney FC
Saturday May 25 - 7:00 - Sydney FC vs Hakoah
Saturday June 1 - 1:00 - Sydney FC vs Manly
Saturday June 8 - 7:00 - Marconi vs Sydney FC
Sunday June 16 - 3:00 - Wollongong vs Sydney FC
Saturday June 22 - 7:00 - Sydney FC vs Mt Druitt
Sunday June 30 - 3:00 - Blacktown vs Sydney FC
Saturday July 6 - 7:00 - Sydney FC vs Rockdale
Sunday July 21 - 5:00 - Sydney United vs Sydney FC
Saturday July 27 - 7:00 - APIA vs Sydney FC
Saturday August 3 - 7:00 - Sydney FC vs Sutherland
Sunday August 11 - 3:00 - Sydney FC vs Olympic

You can find our squad list here:

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So this is the last year the club championship will be used to determine pro/rel, going forward it will solely be 1st grade results. You’d imagine that we would be in danger of dropping to Npl2 in the next couple of years (which is more fun tbh)

Also can anyone clarify the rules for our squad, I thought you couldn’t have played more than 10 a league games but ivanovic is listed having played 9 games? Hopefully I’m wrong so think another npl season will do him good.

I will hopefully be able to enjoy getting out to the Lambert Park arctic zone for a few enjoyable evenings this season. I like that games are kicking off at 7pm rather than 7.45 like previous years, that was always a late night home.


I can’t find the 2019 rules, but I found this for the 2018 season:

b) An HAL Academy Team may register up to three (3) Players to their NPL 2 NSW 1st Grade team roster who are older than the eligible age bracket as prescribed in 6.2 a) where the following criteria are satisfied in respect to that player:
iii. The player must have appeared in the starting eleven (11) in no more than ten (10) matches during the 2017/2018 Hyundai A-League season for any Hyundai A-League Club

So he’d be well clear under that requirement.

Ah didn’t realise it was starting

First grade starts at 5pm, but the U20s are live now - no commentary but you can still give them a watch:

Or here:

Being able to see cars driving past gives it that big game feel :joy:

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U20s drew 1-1 and, while I was only half watching, it seemed to be a pretty respectable performance. First grade kicks off here soon:

I think all these videos will be archived too if anyone wants to go back and watch.

Lads up 1 nil, after Marco tilio is smashed in the box & converts the resulting penalty.

I thought the contact was outside the box. I’m really glad to see Tilio starting this season.

Hakoah get a penalty and convert.

These streams are pretty good, awesome to be able to watch.

Watching on my phone so no idea tbh.
Bulk of this squad has been together since u18s, exciting team to watch when they get going.

Swibel scores against his old club to make it 1-2

Deserved win. Some really impressive players. Scibilio at centre back looks very good. Van der Saag was solid, if he had that Brillante/O’Neill mongrel I reckon he’d be good enough for the A-league now. Lamberton looked good. Tilio had some glimpses of how good he can be. Swibel didn’t do much but his two finishes (one was offside) were well taken.

Good win to get underway. Thought we looked pretty good but like the senior team, we could use some craft in the final 3rd.

Inside the box mate (I choose to ignore the possibility his leg moved after contact :wink:)

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Kicking off against Manly shortly:

Great work by Lamberton to score that. He looked good last game so he could be one to watch this season.

Here’s the highlights from the Manly game:

Lamberton’s goal was really well taken.

That was a cracking goal. So 4 points after 2 games. Is that good for us, expected?