SFC Archive YT Channel


Hey everyone.

I personally have been frustrated over the years by how hard it can be to get entire match highlights on YouTube from years past. So I set up an archive on YouTube.

So far I’m working on getting as many of the 16/17 season as possible, but am open to suggestions for anything post 2013-ish (where my access to highlights becomes increasingly harder).

Sorry if this isn’t allowed to be “advertised” on here but I thought a lot of you would find it interesting

Link: YouTube


Sounds helpful. Will you just be doing competitive games or will you also be doing things like pre/post season friendlies?


My plan is to mostly do competitive fixtures, as I believe the club has a lot of the friendlies on their channel, and the big friendlies against Liverpool and Arsenal are widely available. Open to suggestions on hosting them on there, though.


It’s like crack cocaine, I can’t stop


Awesome, thanks for sharing. I often download full games from YouTube to watch on the plane on long-haul flights. It’s a great way to chew up 90 mins of a 14 hour flight.


Awesome stuff! It wouldn’t be too tricky to get a youtube video archive section up on the site too.