SFC v CCM 1st Semi-Final Match-Thread 10/05/24

Here you go.

Lolley out for rest of season, Brattan a possibility.

Mak could be moved to right, with a couple options of King at LB and our new CB/LB/LW in JCP on the left.

or Mak left and Max on the right.

CCM must be highly tired from their travels and amount of games and we’ve been the only ones to beat them this season on both occasions.

Will be fun.


I think we have managed to go above and beyond expectations this season with our cup win, finishing 4th and now into the semis. So anything from here is a bonus.

I’m not saying we’re done for without Lolley but we’d have to be heavy underdogs now.


Max on the right. Keep Mak central.

Let’s go!

Also: maysa a baguette ti melokoton


No Lolley. Sweet news for the Mariners


Is there a particular country order you’re working through, or just randomised?

Either way, I’m enjoying the global tour.


I wouldn’t be moving mack from the CF position he played on the weekend. He was fantastic there and has had a similar impact playing there in other games over the past couple of seasons. Wouldn’t it be a straight swap of Lolley for Burges?


More great coverage from Vince. Would be a shame if someone were to wreck their party leaving 16/17 record breakers as definite GOATs…

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baguette péitseog

د پیچ ​​​​بیګویټ وخت

Their chances are getting tastier by the minute.

Just whatever looks good in Google translate!

Certainly riding the sugary high currently. Let’s hope they have a sugar crash on Friday.

No Lolley is hard to swallow.

Jawbreakers take a bit of work

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we’ll just need to light a warhead under our team’s arses to get them motivated

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Hopefully Ufuk is whipping them into shape, but not so much that it leaves them redskin

Actually I don’t think I can say this anymore lol

The Lolley situation sucks.


Sounds like something a Japanese businessman would pay a lot of money for.

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Hey, we’ll be ok. This team is pretty hard boiled.

I am trying to buy tickets for a small group of people interested in coming, but I can’t seem to find any tickets available, there is no way every seat could be sold already. What’s the deal, Ticketek?