SFCU Forum Rules

The following rules apply to all sections of this forum, not just this one, some sections have additional rules. These rules are the result of either years of trail and error determining the right balance between freedom and control or two tabs of low grade acid and half a pint of ether. Either way your continued access to this forum and its many, many earthly and spiritual delights depends on your willing compliance with the following utterly arbitrary rules.

1 - No racism, sexism, bigotry or threats of violence.
2 - Trolls will be exterminated, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. - If you troll you loose the right to privacy, I WILL share your email address with anyone and everyone.
3 - Duplicated threads will be merged, check current threads first.
4 - Search is your friend, use it, especially if you can’t understand why no-one’s brought up your point already.
5 - Post in the correct forum, or it will be moved.
6 - No links to external sites till you have at least 50 posts, media links excepted, no advertising of any kind without permission.
7 - No avatars, photos or sigs with NSFW content or any kind of animations.
8 - One account per person, multi’s will have all accounts terminated immediately.
9 - Maximum signature picture size 400w x 160 h OR 4 lines of text.
10 - Personal shitfights or persistent hijacking threads will not be tolerated.
11 - Follow moderator instructions, if you want to debate with them use messaging.
12 - No txt speak, this is not IM or a chatroom
13 - No linking to or quoting from any ‘article’ ‘written’ by Jesse Fink, other than a self-penned obituary.
14 - No talking about people on your ignore list, you ignored them for a reason.
15 - Don’t be a dickhead, think before you post.
16 - Don’t bump threads, it’s crappy practice.

2,5,7,10 and 13 can get you an immediate and permanant ban.

The others will get your posting rights suspended for a week, if you persist, the posting rights ban will double each time till I get tired of you and ban you, usually on your second time round. This is a busy forum, I don’t have time to hold your hand while you learn the ropes, so please follow the rules.

We reserve the right to ridicule and defame anyone who posts in breech of these rules, including, but not limited to, editing the content of posts without permission and attributing humiliating and false statements to the poster, by posting on this forum you accept this without limitation or exception.

If you think this is a bunch of nazi shit, feel free to leave
If you think that you have some right to freedom of speech, I pity you, fool.
If you think I’m a pussy cyberbully who gets his kicks wielding online power, but wouldn’t say shit to you in person. Bay 23, Row AA, Seat 7. Feel free to test your theory.
If you think this is awesome, Bay 23, Row AA, Seat 7. I drink the swill that passes for beer at the SFS.

Issues with moderators should be raised to me via messages.

Moderators will not moderate threads that they participate in and will not normally lock threads unless instructed to do so by me.

If you want to know why it has to be like this - Read this - http://shirky.com/writings/group_enemy.html

Visitors should make themselves aware of the Holmes Law of Convergence - “As an SFCU discussion grows longer, the probability of someone calling Kevin Muscat a c&%t approaches 1” While not unique to SFCU, it’s certainly stronger here than elsewhere.