SFCU Hacked1 - Update passwords

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Thanks for posting this so quickly, I was just about to ask about the random email I received.

Well done team on getting on top of this and fixing things so quickly.

The patreon supporters who fund the site have allowed us to invest in secure backups, separate resources for the forum so its not impacted by main site issues and hosting that can cope with us sending 3500 emails in 4 mins.


Thanks for disclosing. Are passwords stored as plain text or are they hashed (i.e. were actual passwords obtained, or just hashes of them?)

hashed and salted, but its possible they can be reverse engineered.


Good to hear, thank you. Just a lot more difficult for them to re-use if they’re hashed & slated, so it’s more comforting. I’ve changed the password.

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Thank you, password changed.

Within the next 72hrs I demand a full post-mortem, root cause analysis, list of preventative measures taken, the CISO to fall on their sword and resign, a mea culpa from the CEO, a $50 sorry coupon….

Just kidding, of course :wink:

It sucks that this is the world we live in, with cunts attempting this sort of bollocks. It’s why we can’t have nice things.

Appreciate the prompt actions and notification.


Would be good to step out the process of how to change your password?

did you get the name of the threat actor group Jubal?

Did you not get an email with a link?

All we got was a Tor site link for payment, they didn’t identify themselves.

I did not get an email either. Checked my spam and junk folders and nothing there.
But I did get one when I triggered it from the login page myself so was able to change my password

Same for me jubs

Weird, it said it sent them all out.

The post on the front page has instructions on password changing now.

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Are we thinking it’s the club. In a plan to distract us from a lack of cupholders?

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Obvious innit.

Either that or it was hacked as a mark of respect for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

It was PA2OGRE and his 1 million mates, they finally got us.

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