SFCU Stats thread

I’ve been looking at the data relating to our forum to see what’s going on. I’ll use this thread to post information I think might be of interest

Here’s the first one, Engaged users are people who come to and post on the site. In the past 12 months the number of Daily Engaged users has grown from 30 to 50, that’s a 66% growth While that number may seem small, it translates to over 250 unique engaged users a month.


Always love a bit of stats.

Id love to know what % of forum activity is from the top 5 or so users.

Is there a time wasted leaderboard?


Not sure i’d want to see that.


Top 10 time spent in the 3 years since this revision of the forum opened.


List of every user who has visited the site every day for the past 12 months.


I really need a hobby

I’m happy I didn’t make that top ten.


I dont like this at all.

If anyone would prefer that I not share this type of data about their habits, Just let me know and I will adjust accordingly

I have it permanently open on a 2nd laptop next to my work laptop with this WFH malarkey. It’s basically always there.


And, ummm, errrr, think I took a good few months off during the first Covid lockdown too. :flushed:

How about lurkers corner: read time / posts contributed, sort descending :grin:

So you’re telling me that every year I spend a full 24x7 week on here?

I, uhh, swear I have a life. And a job.

Why would you curse me with this knowledge? Genuinely shocked I didn’t visit every day for the last 12 months too.

Good to see an uptick in visitation too, I had felt like it was busier around here.

What has happened to previous frequent posters like DDR/GDR, Shazza and Jaza? I used to really enjoy their posts. Are you guys still out there or have you/they moved on?

Jaza moved to the UK about 6 years ago and stopped posting soon after. Don’t know about the others.

We lost a huge number of posters to Facebook between 2012 and 2014, fuck knows why, it’s an absolutely shitty place to have forum threads.


And the results on the pitch ever since really speak for themselves!!


I was a long time browser, before making an account earlier this year. I think I had an old account years ago but rarely posted.

Let’s just say WFH, I got this open all the time. Also downloaded the app on my phone, so good toilet time too.

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Sorry to ask this stupid question, Is my 35.4k the amount of posts of read in the past 12 months?