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Not strictly Cove related but fuck it,

Hakeem Al Araibi is a refugee, he was granted refugee status in Australia due to political persecution for speaking out against the Bahraini government.

He’s a football player, plays for Pascoe Vale in the Vic NPL and for the last 50-odd days he’s been in a Thai jail, he was arrested when he arrived in Thailand to start his honeymoon based on an illegally issued Interpol ‘Red Notice’ from Bahrain.

Thai authorities should have ignored the red notice due to his refugee status, but they picked him up, something they seem to have a habit of doing.

Below is a link to a petition by Amnesty International, please sign and share on your social media.



It’s shameful this has happened. Signed.


Poor guy finally escapes that oppressive regime only to end up in Melbourne. That’s what this is about, yeah :wink:


Thanks @jubal1 for linking it so hopefully he’ll be released soon and be able to play. Signed

Signed. Thanks Jubal and others. Terrible wrong needs righting.



Signed. Thanks to Hybrid for linking this in the Squires thread and to Jubal for linking it here, of course. Hopefully we can reach the target, though we’re not too far off now.

This isn’t something I thought I’d find myself typing but I’ve been impressed as fuck with Craig Foster, the amount of time, effort and energy he’s putting into getting this bloke released is amazing and for me, shows him in a new light.

I’ve always found him a bit off-putting, arrogant and not as well-informed as he thinks, but I have to take my hat off to him.


I was thinking this exact thing only early in the week. I have always found Foster to be irritating, full of self importance and somewhat of a blowhard.

But you really have to take your hat off to the guy - he is going well beyond that of a football ‘personality’ and has really been an amazing advocate.

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Agree. I’m really not a fan of Foster at all, but this is classy.

Here here RE: Fozzy.

After this week, any chance we can we take the De Lorean for a spin and get him on the FFA board after all?

This looks bad:

It’s what was expected, id doesn’t mean they’ll send him back, only that the Thai courts are following what they consider to be the right process.

Arnie has gone and cancelled an U23 training camp in Thailand

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bit dodgy though, they sent a memo out announcing the camp was going ahead on the 3rd Feb.

interesting that WSW haven’t said anything about their sponsorship with Thai Airways, I wonder how well its going with them holding up the SAVEHAKEEM sign on the weekend.

Are they government owned though? Changrai United players had a FreeHakeem sign.

Ive seen some things online of people “doing their bit” by “boycotting Thai restaurants until Hakeem is free”

from what I’ve read Thai Air is 51% owned by the dept of finance or something like that