Stand Up If You Love The Darts Thread

There was a darts thread on a previous incarnation of the forum, this was a few days ago now but frankly deserves it’s own thread:

Ally Pally debut, deciding leg, 9 darter. Get in Big Willie.

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That 9-darter was astonishing. Never seen anything like that!

I swear we had a darts thread somewhere but its probably miles down the list, so lets just keep this thread regardless.

Whitlock was his disappointing self once again. I reckon he’ll be off the tour within three years. I don’t see him hitting form again.

I don’t see any of the remaining Aussies getting to Round 4, but the best thing about darts at the moment is that nothing is for certain. There’s a bigger variety of winners than there was 3-4 years ago.

Pretty sure it was on the old forum, I did a search before creating this one. :wink:

Final at 7am tomorrow, Michael Smith vs Peter Wright should be a cracker and they’ve shaded being the two most deserving to get there.

Smith took out Jonny Clayton (who still has the highest tournament average at 103 over the course of his three matches), Gezzy the sheep shagger Price and James Wade. Wright was 2-0 down against our Damon Heta before switching darts to win 4-2, and has just been brilliant since (even though he claims to hate the set he’s been throwing). His semi this morning against Gary Anderson was fantastic, Gary hasn’t played much better in years, and probably the highest quality match I’ve seen since that epic SF between MvG and RvB four or five years ago.

Big shame I wasn’t able to watch Anderson vs Wright. That would’ve been a treat. Really pleased to see Smith and Wright in the final. It would be nice to see Smith not choke in a final for once and finally get his first major. Wright is probably the slight favourite, though. He’s been throwing extremely well.

This thread needs some action. For shame.

Whitlock & Heta beat Price & Clayton in the World Cup Final, brilliant. :beers: I need to crank up Kayo and watch a replay.


How good was that?

MVG looked so damn good leading up to the final. I still thought Smith would be a real threat because he got the major monkey off his back late last year. The difference in demeanour was massive compared to his previous final defeats. Huge grats to him.

Yeah it was well deserved, until this morning Smith would had to have been the best player of the last decade yet to win it.

MvG was indeed imperious throughout the tournament, Smith probably the only player that could consistently put him under real pressure though, and so the only one capable of pulling off the upset. Thought for a moment the home crowd may have jinxed him with an early rendition of “darts is coming home”, but you’re right, he held his nerve unlike in the past.

Honourable mention to Gezzy for meltdown of the tournament too, those feckin earmuffs :rofl: .

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Just a brilliant final…

The Worlds have started this morning. Whitlock with the most Whitlock performance to stumble over the line for a second round showdown with Gary Anderson.

Terrific match between Smith and Doets. Doets is heading for the top 16 in a few years if he can keep playing like he did tonight.

The Van Veen-Leung game is absolutely worth watching a replay of.

Barney played well but Littler absolutely smashed him. With the draw opening up for him, he has a real chance of making the semi final. I’d certainly fancy him against Dolan. Cross or Dobey (in his current form) will be a very tough semi final for him, though.

He’s into the final…

That was fun to watch. Cross would’ve won most matches playing like he did, too.

If Humphries keeps going tonight the way he is, Humphries vs Littler could be an amazing final.

Humphries is on absolute fire right now

This has been a real high-quality final. Humphries has really stepped it up the last few sets and is looking good for the win now. Littler has given a tremendous account for himself, though, and isn’t out of it.

Big grats to Humphries. He got through the tough early matches and peaked at the right time. He’s been dominant in darts fro the last 3-4 months.