Support outside of football - post your business / expertise here

I’m in a few different Facebook groups that are focused around communities that really support each other. Could be their small business, could be general advice, could be on expertise in a specific area. I think there’s so much value in them and I thought it might be nice to try the same here.

If you feel comfortable, share either your business, your interests or your skills and let’s see how we can all help and lift each other up together? We’re united in our passion and support for SFC - let’s see how we can help one another during these most surreal of times!


Not mine as such but I work there so if anyone needs anything printed, Cove I’m looking at you, hit up SSweatshop in Marrickville.


Awesome @InnerWest_Tyke - so merch / posters and stuff?

Garments. Tees, hoodies etc

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We’re happy with the guys we use atm (also a Sydney member), but if anything changes with that relationship we’ll keep you in mind.


I’m a public servant who’s flat out hanging a picture frame, so … sorry folks. But I somehow have lots of talented friends. Will keep an eye on the thread.


I’m managing an environmental lab and we take limited walk in clients, so if you ever need testing :slight_smile:

We specialise in soil for organics, metals and PFAS. We also do a lot of asbestos, so if anyone is ever worried, happy to have a look on our end!

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That is actually really interesting!

If you want really interesting, I can detect one drop of PFAS chemicals in an olympic sized swimming pool

I take tasteful nude photos of attractive people. DM me for details.

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We used to spray that shit everywhere in training.

They’ve detected PFAS levels in breast-milk in the US, that are higher than the allowable limit in drinking water. The problem is that there’s a huge amount of vague information coming from all levels of Government when it comes to PFAS, many of it contradictory.

As an example, the NSW EPA has a vaguely worded email that states that the reporting limit for PFAS is 5ug/kg. If it’s below that, then the classify the soil as clean. If a lab screws up and reports it lower than that and it’s positive, it’s classified as contaminated waste. So it’s literally a situation where labs are raising their limit of reporting for consultants as they don’t want to know what’s in it at a lower level…

QLD requires a specific test for PFAS which not many labs do and those that do charge $200+ a sample. If you’re doing a sampling even of 10-20 plus other testing it gets more expensive. NSW doesn’t require a the added test, so there’s companies on the border shipping a whole load of waste to NSW for disposal.

So far, the government is too afraid to set specific testing criteria across the board for PFAS as to do so, invites a massive amount of liability. Every single home near a Defence Force base will be liable payouts, as well as airports and the rest. Most of the requirements have been pushed through by litigation, rather than by the government. It’s only in that past week that Biden has started legislation to regulate the chemicals.

I work for a global IT Service company. My job is to go in to large businesses and government departments and unclusterdefuck their IT processes. I design service desk, incident, change, request, asset, configuration and governance solutions. I developed a service maturity assessment methodology that is now being rolled out globally by my employer.

We made our first appearance in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in our field of expertise last month (This means we’re recognised as a global leader/thought leader)


And where does your plan for world domination fit into that?

A small app on each device, when I push the big red button, no more social media till they agree to make me Benevolent Dictator for life.


When it comes to govt / corporates - do you find they still use Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer a lot haha

Nah, there are always pockets of aged-out tech usually because of orphaned apps that won’t work on any OS but the last one it was tested on, desktop environments tend to run 4-5 years behind the newest release, most orgs are trying to move to an n-1 strategy for most things.

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Defence had to change everything a few years ago because whatever ancient version of windows they had wasn’t being supported anymore.

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End of life is often the only thing that actually motivates platform migration.

did you they upgrade to 3.5 inch floppy disks?