Sydney FC commercial arrangements and sponsorship

How good is it seeing the Sydney FC logo at the end of the Bob Jane T-Marts ads :slight_smile:

Its good but becoming a little tiring.


Just when it’s starting to wear thin they retread it.


I understand TarMac helped get this deal some traction.


The impact of the ad has been over-inflated.

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OK guys, these jokes are lame, give it a brake. Would hate to see it lead to a suspension.

Fair call, I can see how some of these jokes are out of alignment with these pages standards.

Any future comments should be balanced.

Mods really need to just delete this entyre thread.


Surely you don’t want to bring this discussion to a screeching halt

Yes someone needs to intervene, these “jokes” are wearing dangerously thin.

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Spare me! This thread has completely rubbered me up the wrong way.

Man who run for Sydney FC get a bit tyred after 90 minutes but not worn down & still able to get a decent grip on their shots.

It’s time to steer this conversation down a different road

Agreed. This one’s gone flat.

I think I’m getting the formula one needs to use to post in this thread


So I registered to play football again this season and towards the end I was prompted to enlist my (non-existent) kids into one of the clubs’ junior supporter programs (junior blues for Sydney FC).

Thought it was interesting that the clubs have different deals going on. For a free match pass, Sydney FC have the most compelling offer (pretty much any game, 2 adults, 2 children). For some families this could be the first A League game they ever go and they may not have any previous club affiliation.

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I like CCM’s strategy of having Matt Simon look at you like he will kill you unless you sign your kids up.


WSW should include a day release pass


Also, very apt that they use feral animals as promotional ‘mascots’…