Sydney FC Fans day

Fans day was on Sunday at Kogarah. I popped down for a while and enjoyed it, the cove stall was doing good trade, strategically placed beside the main autograph table.

DrNick’s nephew who’s just a couple of months old was being passed along the table to have his onesie signed by everyone.

I liked that the signing table was a mix of the mens and womens teams and the poster was double sided with both teams on it, something that reflects the growing stature of the womens game.

I also saw a girl of about 7 or 8 ask Steve Corica for his autograph on the poster even though he wasn’t on it. Good to see him getting recognition. I had a chat with him and he seems happy with progress, and reckons there’s plenty more to come.

TMac told me that literally every foreign import has had a soft tissue injury early in their stint bar Bobo, so nobody’s particularly concerned about De Jong’s injury and he’s due back in 3 weeks, already running full speed.

Good stuff by the club, well organised and very well attended in comparison to recent years.

Did anyone else go?


That’s interesting, people talk about the hard pitches here all the time so that’s probably why.

We had a chat about causes, and hard ground, needing different boots, weather, diet and changes to fitness regime all seem to be contributing factors, but primarily the first two.

Remember when Ned Zelic got injured because of the soft pitches in the UK?
Footballers, eh? Frail beasts.

What precautions are being taken to prevent soft tissue injuries amongst Cove members caused by the harder seating of Jubilee Oval?