Sydney FC fixtures released

You can’t drive down to Newcastle from Sydney.

But you can from Lismore :wink:

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Pity the poor shift worker. If I want to attend more than 5 games the coming season, I’ll have to take time off… I went to 10 games last year…

Some interesting comments from the SCG CEO in a monthly newsletter

A full season of cricket fixtures has made scheduling Sydney FC matches at the SCG challenging for the 2019-20 A-League season. The Sky Blues’ first home match is during the NSW Blues’ opening Sheffield Shield match at the SCG. Coupled with early season AFL and NRL fixtures, and despite working closely with Sydney FC and the FFA, we have been unable to align the schedule at this point in time.

And please be assured that we are working closely with Sydney FC and the FFA to do everything we can to see Steve Corica’s men play on the SCG this season.

You’d think that it could be the Wanders’ game as that game has “Subject to approval” next to it.

Not sure.

Issue this year is you’ve got Cricket until March with the Women’s T20 World Cup and one dayers against NZ in March and a shield game in mid-February, so the centre square would be still be in prep and super hard.

For those who were asking about adding Sydney FC games to their phone calendar, open (or load if you do not have) the A-League App, Below is a link to the iTune App Store

When opened or loaded, select the Favourites option in the bottom bar and then select Sydney FC…


Then scroll down until you see the Sync matches to Calendar option and select.

It’s a one time only deal, I first synced seven years ago and it keeps automatically updating every season as soon as the FFA releases the season’s fixtures. It also updates FFA Cup and Finals matches as they become known.

There was also a calendar sync link in today’s club newsletter

Any word on when away Derby tickets will go on sale?

Just guessing but probably next month some time.

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You would think that the whole point of having a Derby in Round 3 was to milk the ticket/membership sales and general promotion of the A-League in the fortnight before the Round 1 kickoff.

The first Big Blue of the A-League season is slated for November 16 at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium in Kogarah, but don’t expect it to stay that way. It’s right in the middle of a FIFA international window, and as such, Sydney FC is preparing to apply to have the match postponed in accordance with new regulations.

The Sky Blues expect to have Rhyan Grant and Andrew Redmayne called away with the Socceroos, Kosta Barbarouses with the All Whites, Tom Heward-Belle with the Olyroos, and four players with the Joeys at the FIFA Under-17 World Cup in Brazil.

That would put them well past the required threshold of absentees which permits a club to ask for a game to be moved to another date.

Given they’d need to sign two goalkeepers on short-term deals, as they’d be without their first, second and third-choice custodians in Redmayne, Heward-Belle and Adam Pavlesic, Sydney expect their request will be granted.

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Sydney fc connection to the Illuminati confirmed.

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It still blows my mind that everyone involved in scheduling the league put that game on an international break and thought it would be all good.


But we can’t have a clash with AFL or NRL. God no, not that.

Because Fox marketing bro! Massive weekend of football with the Socceroos huge clash against - insert Asian minnow here - and the Big Blue on Saturday night!! FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL!!!

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And today the W-League draw comes out, opening game at Kogarah against Victory… on Sunday 17th November. :thinking:

Having stuffed up the HAL fixture and put it in an international break, at least bring the W-League fwd 24 hours and make it a double header you idiots.

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We’re also playing Perth at 1pm in December, the same time the men are playing over here

How many seasons in are we and still not observing FIFA windows?