Sydney FC vs PSG preseason friendly

Wilko and Flottman sick.

Hope these Frenchies don’t get too impressed by Rhyno

Brandon too, who could slot in there. Real shame as I’d fucking love to see Busta up against Mbappe.

Yeah I know, but I thought Van Der Saag was a CB?

Van Der Saag started brightly but that card seems to have shaken him a bit. Getting pulled all out of shape now.

Good opening first 25. I don’t feel like we’re embarrassing ourselves and we’ve broken well a couple of times. Hopefully a sign of things to come with how ALF and Kosta play together.

I continue to be impressed with King at LB. I’m sure he’s going to get a handful of games this year. It also makes me confident that if Zullo goes down, we’re not totally fucked, which I’ve felt through the last couple of seasons.


He had to bring up the butcher era.If only he knew.

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Clearly so Mbappe can show his skill on the wing.


You’re thinking of Van Meurs. :wink:

Come on lads

Bloody hell we are up for this.

Good press there

ABJ looks way better now he is at a proper team

If we were slightly fitter we’d give them a decent run for there money.

Imagine we’ll fade with the small bench and humid conditions but done well so far

Is it Abbas Saad? He was doing EPL commentary for whoever had the rights several years ago.

Ninko really is a gem of a player.

Is Redders just wearing the third kit?

I want to see that replayed. Who was offside?

Edit: oh yeah comfortable that from Bert.

Fuck offside