Sydney FC vs PSG preseason friendly

It’s on tonight at 10pm on Bein Sport for anyone interested.

Looks like a young squad with all the sick players.

Not the biggest crowd ever

Everyone must be at the VFL.


Prematch chat just a Chinese security bloke on a walkie talkie LOL

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And now some Commodore 64 graphics!

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International Super Cup. This is why you do the hard yards in training.

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Lol at Redders jersey.

It’s no Townsville Cup.


“Steve Karika”

I’m going to fucking love this bad commentary.

Remind me again why we signed Caceres? Not a fan at all.

Grant at CB. Interesting.

Seeing it in motion now, that jersey is definitely the wrong colour.

Paulo looking sharp early, but Mbappe vs Van Der Saag isn’t really a fair fight.

Outside of that hilarious pronunciation he seems to have done a bit of homework on us.

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Van der Saag likes to get up high, even when it isn’t so prudent like when marking Mbappe…

This PSG backline is a bit error prone eh?

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Holy shit are people singing We Are Sydney?!

It’s the Newcastle Jets Academy team according to twitter.

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For us overseas Sydney fans, this lad commentating is what we usually get for our ACL streams. He is pretty good. Fox sports Asia is decent as well. They have a regular aussie commentator on there.

Decent start by the lads. Any idea why Grant is at CB?

Our defence is holding well so far.

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