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Will revive this thread from it’s pedo-bear connotations with this.

Decent write-up on Anton Mlinaric by SBS.


Was just looking at the SFC website, haven’t in a while. It’s been hugely improved upon from the last time i was on it. As i am a huge fan of bringing youngsters through to the game and club, i was excited that the website lists our youth teams all the way from u13’s up to the mens team.

Starting off with the U13’s, i couldn’t help but give a little giggle. Immature man that i can be. It’s either a huge confidence boost or a huge chance taken by the parents. Hope he becomes a massive international star.

Find the kid i may be referring to… Under 13's | Sydney FC


Wonder if he was taught any skills by Siem de Jong.

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Not sure where to ask this, but this thread seems as good as any.

Anyone have any views of what is the best pathway for a youngster? I’ve recently heard of young players (U10s) leaving SAP programs to join private academies. But when I look at the Player Pathways posters published by the club (eg Callum Talbot posted on Facebook today) they all seem to have come through SAP before joining Sydney FC in youth league. Do the kids that go through private academies go straight overseas, does Sydney FC leave out any private academies from the history, or are the private academies just not a very good pathway?

Just saw this…


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That’s Carle sending the best kids our way right? :smiley:

A couple of real Football Manager regen names there


I was thinking the exact same thing. :laughing:

Kinda almost reads like the FM youth intake message.

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Has anyone on here had any experience with our youth academy program? Asking for a friend.

Tell Milos that it’s top rate!