The Anchorage project?

Just got an email about The Anchorage project, sounds like the club has secured $6m from the NSW State Government to build a home for the club?

The bit at the end is weird, says that they want to do a 45 min survey about philanthropy ?

Anyone know more about this?

Don’t like the looks of it.

$3900 a year on strata fees seems a bit eccie.

Here it is

We hope you and your family are well and have not been too greatly impacted by COVID19 during the last few months.
We are writing to you as Sydney FC is undertaking the next exciting phase in our Club’s history – building a permanent, world class home for our Sydney FC administration and high performance teams and staff.
Our ambition is to be the leading professional sports club in Australia and achieve consistent domestic and international success. Materialising this vision is underpinned by our ability to attract and cultivate talent – established and youth players, support from our fans and community, and the strength of our Club culture and values.
As of last Sunday, Sydney FC is the most successful Club in the history of the domestic football landscape, however our competitors, both in Sydney, interstate and overseas, have developed elite, best practice facilities which are hindering our ability to achieve our ultimate vision.
We are delighted to inform you that Sydney FC’s contribution to all levels of football in Australia and the benefits of our vision were recognised by the New South Wales Government who has committed $6M to our visionary project – The Anchorage.
Scheduled for completion in late 2021, The Anchorage is an opportunity to bring the previously separate arms of the Club together for the first time in the Club’s history, creating a truly unified ‘one club’ culture which is stronger than ever. The facility will consist of world class high performance training areas to be utilised by all teams from our academy through to elite male and female squads, high quality administration and education spaces, and purpose-built amenities for our female teams – current and future, ensuring gender equality and our ability to grow is unrestricted.
Sydney FC has appointed a consultant, Elite Sports Philanthropy, to conduct an independent study and gain community and donor insight, counsel and critique on the philanthropic potential and scale of the project. We would greatly value your input and it is proposed that we interview a small, representative group of our ‘Sky Blue family’. As such, we are respectfully seeking your time and counsel to assist in the study process.
You will be contacted shortly by Helena Dorczak, our internal Sydney FC Project Lead, in the hope that you will confirm your participation and schedule a private meeting (via Zoom) with a Study Director of Elite Sports Philanthropy. The scheduled meeting will last no longer than 45 minutes, will be completely confidential and will provide the Club with inherently valuable perspectives for further consideration.


Sounds great. Do we know where it will be? I have been worrying increasingly that we risk becoming something like the Sydney Olympic of the HAL ie plenty of great players bought and produced, lots of great teams and some silverware BUT never organised a proper training/admin base and home ground akin to Marconi, St George and Sydney United. That left them very vulnerable to losing access to grounds or having to share with competitor entities.


all i can think of tbh


If all you arseholes don’t mention the urgent need for cup holders in the new stadium…

Oh don’t worry, I have lots of opinions!

Possible this only went to foundation members?

I’d say it just went to a small sample of members given they won’t want to have too many private chats.

Got a call from them, seems like just a random selection of long standing members being asked for their opinions via a Zoom chat.

I asked what it had to do with philanthropy because they sort of threw me, they said the chat wasn’t about donations phew.

Anyway am looking forward to it.

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Philanthropy: A way for rich cunts who avoid paying taxes to pretend to look good by donating the change that fell down the back of the couch.


Tax avoidance 101 :sweat_smile: I care about football… that’ll do :sweat_smile:

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So I’ve seen some very nifty designs for the new Sydney FC offices, centre of excellence etc which they are calling The Anchorage.

Is shanes desk in the basement and uncomfortable?

Factually incorrect. If you donate $1.00, you will save 32-47.5c depending on your income level (marginal tax rate dependent).

Just say you earn $180,001 - your net position after your $1.00 donation and the tax credit is -52.5c. Its hardly a profitable enterprise and people donating to charity should be encouraged. ACNC do a reasonably good job of keeping the system honest - not perfect, but few systems are.

The tax advantages of a business owner’s income (trusts etc) vs. an employee or the regressive nature of GST are bigger issues but proper reading is boring.

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He’s got a desk now?

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It’s okay @hillbilly, ‘Twiggy’ Forrest is still a cunt.