The Asian Football Thread

Yes, with apparently boxing at number 2

Aren’t many of the new entries amateur teams? That could make for some embarrassing scores, but hopefully not.

Sometimes combined.

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Jesse Lingard has just signed for FC Seoul.
Hopefully an Aussie club will get to play against him soon enough if Seoul can make it back to the Champions League . A big signing for their league though

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FC Tokyo and Nagoya Grampus are the next clubs to get onto the more minimalist logo train.

Both massively improved !

Pity they couldn’t fit Grampus-kun somewhere on the new Nagoya logo

FC Tokyo a massive improvement. I kind of like the all boys private school vibe of the old Nagoya one though.

Hate the spacing of the FC

They did it deliberately, it’s a brand concept they want to transfer over to lifestyle wear apparently.

An awful brand concept.

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Is the space there for anyone to write in their own other two letters?

Wow that FC Tokyo logo is absolutely honking.

Singapore Premier League is the next AFC competition to announce they are making the change to an August-May season structure.

In previous years, I used to do a weekly review of J.League results and tables, and always enjoyed the process of following along with how the season was progressing.

Various life struggles, COVID, and a general football fatigue saw that fall away in recent years but I feel some good energy about the upcoming season and the game in general and thinking of starting up again with a new season thread and weekly review.

If anyone would be interested in following J.League in 2024, let me know if that sounds like something enjoyable (so I know I’m not just talking to myself all year!)

This season will be the first for all three J.League divisions to contain 20 teams, so there is plenty of interesting choices to pick a team and get on board with our nearest footballing rivals.


I try and watch every Sapporo game.

I feel like Japanese football is something I should pay more attention to. It’s absolute balls that Optus Sport have the J-League, because I won’t sign up to anything from Optus if I can help it.

I have Optus for the EPL so try to watch some J League when I can. I just find their coverage is terrible. I really need to decide on a team to follow

The old weekly highlights show (maybe on Fox / Kayo?) used to be really good. Haven’t watched nearly as much since it moved to Optus and it’s a bit shit they don’t show every game live, only select ones each week.

Definitely keen to follow any updates here. Got soft spots for a few sides spread across different divisions so usually keep an eye out for scores all across the pyramid (Kyoto Sanga, Iwate Grulla Morioka and FC Tiamo Hirakata).

So Optus still only show 3 games a week live? Or should I say 2 games and the Yokohama game