The Asian Football Thread

It’s usually about 6 or 7 games.

I just went on to Optus then and had a look. There is actually a game this afternoon. Vissel Kobe V Kawasaki in the Japanese Super Cup.

It looks like the League kicks off next weekend with 4 live matches on my count at least

Some interesting ACL results this week. A wild Kawasaki match, knocked them out.

So Palestine got a late 90+4 winner against Bangladesh overnight to win 1-0, and move themselves into a very healthy second spot in our group on the WCQ ladder - they’re now 5 points clear of Lebanon in 3rd place. with a +7 goal difference. They’ll only need a point against Lebanon in their next group game to proceed through the next round of qualification - and qualify for the Asian Cup. They demolished Bangladesh 5-0 in their ‘home’ match last week as well.

In other regional results…

Group A is evenly poised for the second round of qualification. Qatar has already qualified, but India are 2nd on goal difference to Afghanistan in 3rd. India have a -3 GD and Afghanistan have a -10 GD. Kuwait are last, but on 3 points. Afghanistan have a tough match next against Qatar, but India play Qatar on the last game of the group.

You’d expect Qatar to comfortably knock over both given they’ve already thrased Afghanistan 8-1, and beaten India 3-0. With both India and Afghanistan playing Kuwait to come, it will be an interesting end to the first group,

Group B is all but done and dusted. Japan have qualified through to the next round comfortably, however had their last game against North Korea in North Korea cancelled - North Korea pulled out citing fears of some infectious disease. With Syria having put 7 past Myanmar overnight, you’d think they’d be a safe chance to go through second. Myanmar can’t really qualify from this point on, unless they turn around a -17 goal difference.

Group C is also poised very nicely. South Korea topping their group, but only on 10 points. They did defeat Thailand 3-0 overnight in Bangkok (having only narrowly beaten them at home earlier in the group) with China in Second place on 7 points. Thailand is on 4 points, and Singapore on just 1. Still a chance for Thailand to upset China.

Group D is evenly poised. Kyrgyzstan lead the group on GD and share 9 points with Oman. Malaysia is on 6 points. Taiwan is on 0 points, so they’re out.

Group E is all but Settled. Iran and Uzbekistan sharing 1st and 2nd spot respectively on GD and 10 points, Turkmenistan and Hong Kong out of the running on a singular point each courtesy of a 2-2 draw between the two nations earlier in the group.

Group F sees Iraq lead the table on 10 points, with Indonesia sniffing behind on 7. Vietnam and the Philippines all but out of the running at this point.

Group G Sees Saudia Arabia on 10 points, with Jordan on 7 points. Tajikistan, aren’t entirely out of the running on 5 points. Pakistan is yet to notch a point, so they’re out

Group H has the UAE through on 12 points, with Bahrain expected to join them currently on 9 points. Yemen is on 3 points, and will struggle to qualify with a -12 goal difference to Bahrain. Nepal is without a singular point, or a singular goal having been thrashed in all their matches so far.


Forza Palestine


FIFA sanctions DPR Korea over the cancellation of the game against Japan. Awards Japan a 3-0 win and a 11k USD fine for the Koreans.