The Aussie Younglings thread - 2022 AFC U23 Asian Cup

Couldn’t find a dedicated thread for our youth teams shrug

We kicked off in Uzbekistan last night. Defeating Kuwait 2-0. Adelaide’s D’Arrigo opened the scoring in the 26th, whilst Rich-Baghuelou who is at Accrington Stanley scored in the second half.

Jordan and Iraq drew 1-1 in their game, so we’re atop the group.

Next game is against Iraq on Saturday night (sunday morning our time).

Squad for the tournament is as follows:

Recent & Upcoming matches

1 June 2022 v :kuwait: : Kuwait 2-0 W
4 June 2022 v :iraq: Iraq 1-1 D
7 June 2022 v :jordan: Jordan 1-0

11 June 2022 v :turkmenistan: 1-0

15 June 2022 v :saudi_arabia:


Highlights and full replay on 10play

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Will be sure to give a watch tonight after work.

Short highlights on youtube also.

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Bility has to be the first Australian to play for an Icelandic team surely. Been on loan from Midtjylland at Fram Reykjavík

Former Sydney FC starlett Joey Gibbs is currently over there with Knattspyrnudeild Keflavík (yeah, I’ve no hope of pronouncing it)

Absolutely bossing it. 39 goals in 57 appearances. Although I can’t think the Icelandic league is much better than NPL at best.

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Football hey… what a crazy place to end up!

Lewis Miller was outstanding. Hope he doesn’t go backwards at Macarthur. Or maybe I do.

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The league is ranked 52nd out of the 55 UEFA countries so not the best standard!

Was listening to an Icelandic football podcast before the current season started and Keflavík were quite worried that Gibbs would be missing a decent chunk of the season as his wife is due to give birth soon and he’ll be coming back to Australia.



Dylan McAllister also had a season with Breiðablik in 2012.

I won the champions league with Reynir Sandgerði on FM once

You gotta love their logo.

That’s a proper football.

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I was born there so not quite as crazy as it sounds!

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Ok that makes a lot more sense!

In my head I was thinking… that’s not just an obscure league to follow but does someone make an Icelandic football podcast in English? What is the listener-ship for something like that.

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Yeah, that would be taking being a football hipster to ridiculous levels.

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Iraq tonight. 11pm Live on Paramount.

Farcical red card for Yengi.

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Holy shit what a goal


Yeah looked pretty ridiculous.

Watching the replay now, Red Card was indeed farcical. He’s stepped on the ball, lost his footing and made contact with the Iraqi player. Yellow card at best. VAR being way too over critical with that.

Kuol with the scorpion kick. Amazing finish. Iraq’s equaliser was tidy and very well finished as well, but nobody tracked the run.

It’s been pretty tame now, up to the 60th minute.

Got dicked by VAR for a penalty too. Although you could argue that Brook was off balance already.