The beer thread - New England Double IPA edition


This one really kicks your ass. Cracking beer but I find by the time I’m half way through a pint I’m looking to move on to something else.


It’s definitely not sessionable (alc % & price) but there’s no way I’m leaving it off any list (pro).


OK, cool. I’m going to give it a crack.


I’m a big Modus fan, love the Sonic Prayer IPA and always liked their Pale Ales (they’ve had a few varieties over the years). I’ve been going to the brewery in Mona Vale since not long after they opened (around 2012/2013 I think). Northern Beaches has a decent array of breweries nowadays, makes me a little proud.


I tried this one last week as well. Coincidently, it’s by Grand Ridge who make Juicy Pils that I really liked. I had it on tap from the Quarrymans in Pyrmont.

It’s interesting, has a real biscuity flavour which I think comes from the vanilla and cinnamon, but also has chilli so it has the subtle warming sensation at the back of your throat, similar to what you get when you drink a ginger beer. Definitely worth trying, I really enjoyed it. Obviously not really a session beer though :wink:


Oh yeah, I got caught out by this one one day when I decided to duck out for a sneaky lunch time beer or two. Can’t say I got much work done that afternoon.

Did a Dave’s Brewery Tour around the Northern Beaches a couple of years ago. Definitely spoilt for choice out there.

My top three are all Central West local brews.

  1. Badlands Brewery “Draughty Kilt”. Scottish Ale. 5.0%

  2. Pioneer Brewing “Stockman’s Lager”. German style Lager. 4.6%

  3. Two Heads Brewing “Miller’s Porter”. Chocolate porter. 5.5%.

We’ve been seeing more and more breweries out this way over the past few years that seem to be well supported by the bottle shops in the area as well as a couple of the better pubs and small bars.


Some ones for me to try :slight_smile:


Amazing, I did that exact tour for my Buck’s day a few weeks back. Such a good tour. Bloody hammered by the end of it.

That chocolate porter sounds good.


haha, I did an inner west brewery tour for my aussie bucks a few years back. Such a good plan!


They’re really good but God damn they’re expensive though.


Yeah I rarely have more than two in their upstairs bar, it’s hard to justify.


Nomad, 4 Pines and 7th Day all within a couple of blocks of each other if you want a Sunday.

  1. Akasha Hopsmith IPA - 7.2% but dangerously session-able. With hilarious results I have been told… not that I remember.

  2. Bentspoke Crankshaft IPA - Just an all round great IPA. Nice and hoppy while still being an extremely easy drink.

  3. Big Shed Golden Stout Time - A dessert in a glass. Smells and tastes like honeycomb with a beery finish. Too unique to leave off my list.


I begrudgingly left this one off my list. Damn fine beer and when it comes to stunt beers these guys are probably up there with the Doctor in consistently getting it right.


So I tried the Philter XPA tonight. Definitely in the vein of Stone & Wood and Wild Yak. I did find it a bit light but I think that’s probably more to do with the style than the alcohol content. Overall, I wasn’t disappointed. I followed it up with a Young Henrys Summer Hop Ale (Seasonal IPA). It’s 6%, yet surprising similar to the Philter XPA, it just has slightly more bitterness in the finish. I guess my point is that even at 6% it still felt like it lacked some substance, hence my theory that it’s the style, not the alcohol content that leaves me wanting. Certainly gives you a bit more of a buzz though ;-). If you haven’t tried it, give it a go, I recon you’d be into it.

EDIT: I bought a beer advent calendar for my mate (his 40th) and collected it from Beer Cartel this evening, so I bought myself a bunch of various beers to try. Expect a few posts if any of them are good :wink:


I am thoroughly unimpressed by all Philter beers but considering I’ve never been a fan of Young Henry’s beers (the original Hop Ale excluded) I’m not surprised. I find them completely bland apart from an aftertaste that leaves me licking anything nearby to get the taste out of my mouth.
I haven’t had one for about 12 months but I find it hard to believe that they have changed their brewing style to such an extent that their XPA is in anyway comparable to Balter.


Huge fan of the Jedi Juice - one of my favourites at present.

My Beer Cartel advent calendar arrived today as well - looking forward to getting stuck in.


I’m the same on Young Henry’s. I don’t find them objectionable but bland is an apt description.


Damn, nearly bought one yesterday. Just sometimes find it hard to fork out $9-10 for a can of beer. More so that I’m afraid I’ll really like it and want to by a bunch more of them.


I quite liked the Newtowner when I first tried it but I’m not as into it now. For a good reliable pale ale, I recon 4 Pines is better. I usually have some of these in my fridge at any one time.