The beer thread - New England Double IPA edition

A thread for all things beer.

Tonight’s beer is Jedi Juice NEIPA from Hop Nation. I’ve wanted to try this for a long time.

Edit: super hoppy, but I’m not overly impressed.

Found out on Saturday that Wayward has stopped making Fusami Victory, which is only partly made up for by the fact that the IPA that seems to have replaced it is pretty good.

That’s disappointing, it was a damn good beer.

Speaking of things that are Juicy, have you tried Juicy Pils?

Had it the other day. I’m a big fan of traditional pilseners so I’m cautious of screwing with a good thing, but I like a few of the new age ones kicking about. I actually really liked this, it’s nice to have a beer that’s based on the pilsener style that has so much tropical character. It’s like a stone & wood on steroids. Worth a try.

That sounds up my alley, I’ll try and grab one.

Have you had the Sauce Brewing pilsner? One of the two best pilsners I’ve had (Garage Project did the other). They make it a fair bit hoppier than a traditional pilsner and it also has some tropical notes if I remember correctly.

Actually, no, I haven’t tried it so I’ll have to check it out. I’m usually disappointed whenever I get a pilsener that’s not a traditional European classic, a lot of the craft style ones are just way off. It’s the same with Hefeweizens, us Aussies just can’t seem to brew a decent German style wheat beer.

Here’s a question for everyone. If you had to pick only three beers to drink for the rest of your life, what would they be? i.e. specific beers, not styles. I’m still thinking of mine but will share once I’ve made up my mind :wink:

Yeah okay it may not be your best bet then.

I went to the 4 Pines truck bar and their Hefeweizen was really good, a pretty fair adaptation of the traditional style as I understand it.

Edit: I’ll have to given that question some serious thought. Two leap to mind but I’ll have to seriously consider.

I don’t mind the 4 pines one, but it’s still very mild compared with a traditional wheat beer. I actually quite like the 4 pines range. Really rate their Pale Ale and quite like their Kolsch. I’m still keen to try the Sauce Brewing Pilsener. I’ve made it sound like I’m really picky but I’m always keen to try something new. That’s what its all about!

They’ve rebranded their beers. The IPA is still the OATIS and the Raspberry Berliner Weisse is still the Sour Puss. It does look as though the Fusami Victory is gone but the Pilsner & Everyday Ale look as though they would be right up your alley.

Okay given it some thought and here we go (the top two were easy, the third was tough and I’m sure I’m missing one):

  1. Wildflower - The International. Discontinued now but probably the best beer I’ve ever had. Perfect amounts of sour and huge complexity of flavour. Every mouthful was a completely different experience. If you haven’t had anything from Wildflower, I highly recommend it. Such weird and wonderful stuff.
  2. 3 Ravens - Citra Juicy. Perfect mild NEIPA with the citra hops to really bring out the orange juice flavour. I had so many of these when they were released early this year. Perfect for a warm day.
  3. Philter - XPA - Okay I’m probably missing something else but this is a damn good XPA which I am almost always in the mood for. The above two are quite situational where this one is good in all circumstances. Good tropical flavours.

I’m sure if you were to ask me in 6 months these would change. Something from Wildflower would certainly be on there though and probably something from 3 Ravens.

No space for a cool Crownie on your desert island?

Nice list. Definitely going to need to try some of these :slight_smile:

So I realised that I can’t really answer my own question very well. I think I’d need about 5 beers to be able to feel like I covered off a decent range of flavours/types. But here goes anyway:

  1. Franziskaner Weissbier. There are so many wheat beers that I could have chosen and in reality I’m rarely disappointed with any German wheat beers, but Franziskaner is one that I can always drink and not be disappointed. I spend a lot of time in Germany (my wife is German) so I’ve tried so many varieties. This one is really well balanced with the banana and mango flavours coming though and a good level of sweetness and bitterness. Others would be Weihenstephaner (both Hell and Dunkel), Paulaner (weizen) and Hacker-Pschorr.

  2. La Chouffe. First tried this in Belgium and was excited when I discovered that I could buy it back home. It has such a smooth flavour, with a delicate array of citrus, coriander/cloves and other flavours that my palate is too amateur to detect. I pull this out on special occasions rather than drinking regularly, so that might be partly why I enjoy it so much.

  3. Balter XPA. Really enjoy this XPA and have picked it because it’s one that I’ve been drinking a fair bit of recently. There’s a whole range of XPAs, Pale Ales and IPAs that I could have chosen. It’s really hard.

I’ve essentially failed though because I haven’t listed a Pilsener/Lager and I love a really good one. I guess it’s just at the moment I’m not drinking as many as I used to.

Just thought i’d pop in to say that if you are looking for a good bottlo in the inner west the one on the carpark level at Ashfield Mall is an absolute cracker!

Awesome range, good specials, and for members (free to join) they have 30% off all singles on the last Saturday of every month.

(not affiliated in any way just live locally and spend too much of my hard-earned there)

La Chouffe is good, yeah. Delirium Tremens probably could have made my shortlist as well on the topic of Belgian beers. It’s been a whole since I had one though.

I’ll definitely try the Balter XPA. Their stuff is consistently good.

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Cool I’ll check it out if I’m in the area.

My go to is Bucket Boys on Illawarra Road in Marrickville. Pretty much the best range of craft beers you can imagine from around the world, including some they team up with breweries to do. Really knowledgeable staff too. They also have a bar upstairs with 10 rotating taps of great beer, often including rare and interesting stuff.

I can’t remember if I’ve tried this one before. It’s 4.2%, do you find it full bodied enough? I sometimes find beers under about 4.6-4.8% can be lacking when I drink it (one of the reasons why I’m not particularly into Wild Yak even though I like the tropical notes).

Definitely going to try some of the 3 Ravens range. They all look really nice.

  1. Modus Operandi - Former Tenant (Red IPA): Absolute cracker from consistently the best brewery in Australia. Mona Vale beach during the day then up the road to Modus brewery for a late afternoon/evening session is a great way to spend a day as well.

  2. Nail - Clout Stout 2016 (Russian Imperial Stout): The 2016 vintage was my favourite but none of them are a bad beer. The brewery constantly turn out a good dark beer with the Flaming Lamington another one of my favourites.

  3. Kaiju - Where Strides the Behemoth (Black IPA): Everything you want from a BIPA with the added bonus of a big whack of the infamous Kaiju hop kick.

I guess I tend to like beers closer to that end of the spectrum for sessioning but in this case I’d say it is full bodied enough. It certainly feels closer to the 4.6% end than most of the others on the lighter end. It just doesn’t taste particularly alcoholic.

I seem to remember the 3 Ravens Tripel being quite good as well. I’m not sure if they still make that, but it was a really traditional Belgian taste.