The beer thread - New England Double IPA edition

Yeah I like Badlands and their space is quite nice. Solid beers all up, I’d happily go back.

Yeah, unfortunately Mudgee Brewing shit the bed after they had an ownership change a while ago (pre Covid, I think…). Food is better than it was a couple of years and the beer quality has improved on my last visit.

If I wasn’t back in Sydney for a few days I’d have come down and had a beer with you at Reckless. It’s the regular for Hilly and I!

Just had the lamb and hummus at Reckless. Their food is great from my sample of one dish.


New head chef come in a few months ago - also plays in one of the regular Sunday afternoon bands!

Lamb and hummus is top shelf! Great choice.

If they dont up their game Three Tails will decimate their customer base

They already have. I’m in Mudgee a couple of times a year for work and Mudgee Brewing is a ghost town most of the time…

And now that Three Tails have started offering food other than off the smoker, it makes them more approachable I feel.

While i have you engaged. Anything you can recommend in Bathurst for food/drinks? Staying in The Victoria.

Apart from leaving Bathurst?

Food wise, I would recommend Dogwoods (American dining) or Bootleg (more Italian/finer dining). Both are only a couple of blocks from The Vic.

Drinks wise - Reckless is hard to beat. There used to be a good wine bar/tapas place but they’re currently closed for renovations.

Breakfast - The Hub is always highly recommended. It’s alright, perhaps a bit overrated in my mind.

Black Hops the latest to go into voluntary administration.
Happened a couple of days ago and although it was a little surprising to me, in hindsight, the signs were there.

We don’t go to Reckless for the pool table …

How long are you in town?

One of the fancy restaurants has a pop up up the road from the Vic. I don’t think any of us have been to it thou.

Reckless and Dogwood are the simplest and best options for eating. Both are run/staffed by excellent people and since Reckless got the the new chef they’ve next levelled.

If you’re still here Friday night, yell!

When I was there last they were rammed - beers were really good. Only very minor gripe was they had on their menu schooners/pints as the sizes for all beers, but if it’s a certain % they don’t actually give you a pint (which is standard, but most places don’t advertise them as being a pint!)

We just missed out on the smoked meat too, as they were closing for a few hours. Ended up going to Mudgee Brewing for a feed as everything else was rammed (was after the Mudgee challenge cycling thing). Beers at MB were pretty bad, but the food was excellent.