The cars thread

Staring a thread for cars - from everyday commuter cars to interesting concepts and EVs.

I have a tres sexy car, but it’s far too expensive given how little I currently use it.

And I am horribly torn between selling it and keeping it.

Which car?

I have a Volkswagen Tiguan (family vehicle) and an Audi S3 (commuting to work). The S3 has been fun, but I was after something more practical so I’ve ordered something else to replace it. Will explain in another post :wink:

Edit: replied before seeing the photo. Nice!

You might be in the same situation as me. I bought a second hand 2017 Audi S3 back in 2020. First time in a while that I have bought a second-hand vehicle. I was after something fun to drive and was able to experience that to some extent but it’s not like I ever get out on the open road with it. I only drive it 2-3 times per week on a 19km commute to the office in traffic. I also now have a little boy and either drop him off or pick him up from day care and the S3 is really low, so getting him in and out is a pain. The S3 is now out of warranty, and servicing and maintenance is pretty steep given that it’s a European performance vehicle.

For my commute, one of the important things is Apple CarPlay. I listen to podcasts and streamed music a lot, so a nice big screen and wireless CarPlay and wireless charging became more of a priority for me. I also wanted something that sits a little taller so that it’s easier to get my little guy in and out but didn’t want to feel like I was driving a big SUV (sitting really high and getting body-roll through corners)

The S3 has CarPlay, but it’s on a pretty small screen that isn’t a touch screen, and navigating the interface with the dial thing is a bit cumbersome. I’m often in and out of the car a few times during my commute so I’d prefer wireless CarPlay to the wired setup.

The S3 isn’t exactly a low fuel consumption/low emission vehicle, I mean, its a performance car and it does that well, but I average maybe 10 litres per 100km… When looking to replace it, I actually started by considering some hybrids, plug-in hybrids and EVs. My overall plan was to try and purchase something that was relatively cheap up-front, had low running costs (servicing and fuel consumption) and a long warranty (preferably 7-years).

Despite initially looking at some sort of electric vehicle (hybrid/PHEV/EV) I ended up buying a Skoda Kamiq. It ticks every box that I wanted in terms of technology and practicality, and while it’s not an EV by any definition, the fuel economy is 5.6 litres combined vs say, the 4.7 litres combined for a RAV4.

It’s obviously a bit of a change from the S3, but I think overall I’ll prefer the softer ride and the practically and tech that I’m after. It also drives really well; it’s zippy, the ride is nice and compliant, and the steering is really direct, making it a more satisfying drive than some of the other cars I drove. It also has a 7 year warranty, and I bundled in a 5 year service plan (negotiated to get that for free, as well as a little bit more of a discount).

I’ll pick it up in April, until then, I’ll enjoy the performance character of the S3 :slight_smile:

My situation is a bit different, my C300 is 2 years old, our kids are essentially adults and my wife has a 3 year old Corolla Hybrid fully paid off. So I drive it when I have somewhere to go, which isn’t often since I work from home.

I had some money left from closing down my business, so I bought an expensive car right before the parts squeeze happened (sept 2020) it’s a total joy to drive, mostly it’s a luxury car, and a great driving experience, but it has some real poke too.

It’s on a 3% loan with a 4th year balloon payment that leaves me paying a very manageable monthly payment. Warranty is 5 years, and my plan is to sell it and buy a new one when the payment falls due. It’s only got 6300Km on it after 2 years so it’s keeping its value, C300 coupes are still very hard to get, especially in that colour with AMG interior trim. I can probably get within $20k of what I paid for it new. leaving my considerable deposit essentially intact.

But I don’t want to, I’ll probably redo the finance assuming I can get a decent loan rate in a couple of years.

I should sell it and invest the money I put into it before inflation devalues it too much but, fuck you, it’s just too nice to sell.


You people have CARS!?
Oh my God, what’s that like?

I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice, KEEP IT!

I’m looking to get into the hybrid vehicle market sometime this year. Seriously looking at a Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport, which seems highly regarded. Considering the hybrid used car market seem to have hardly taken off as of yet, I’ll be purchasing my first new car. Exciting times.

I’ve still got my first car, a 72 ford escort 1300 mark I. Not too many of these still around. Im glad i held on to it, its become a bit of a collector’s item.
It went in to the shop recently to get some rust removed and now waiting for a respray. This could be a slippery slope.



That’s really cool, are you looking to have an original match paintjob or is the Imperial purple candy flake calling?

I want to keep it all original. I thought long and hard about a white racing stripe on the blue but I’ll restore it to the way I bought it.

My pet car.

The original plan was to buy this for a fun car, then buy a runabout ute. But that was 3 years ago and ute prices went bananas, so it’s done a lot more daily driving than it was supposed to…

So I’ve ordered a new ute, which is supposed to arrive next month. I’ve had it in order since Oct 2021, so I’m preeeetty excited.

My mum has had a hybrid for over a decade and was seriously considering switching to full EV. Then she was looking at plug-in hybrids, then she just ended up getting another self-charging hybrid.

With the full EV, she didn’t feel Australia had a good enough EV infrastructure yet to have peace of mind on long trips, and with the PHEV she felt the that the full-electric capability was so low, it was hardly worth it.

My dad on the other hand, had a hybrid and went back to full gas because he so rarely uses a car anymore these days.

This, and pricing, are the biggest impediments to uptake.

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Don’t mention my XY Falcon, RA23 Celica or MA60 Supra.

And that’s before we get into the 1975 RT104 Coronas …

Did you used to have a XY Falcon, RA23 Celica and MA60 Supra?

Those things are worth a fair bit now.

I looked at every EV on the market and didn’t really like any of them.

For an asking price of around $70-80k, I’d rather just buy a Benz.

you smell!

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I read somewhere (it was on the internet so must be true) that the production methods of electric cars are so bad for the environment, it is actually better to have an old school petrol car if you are going to drive less than 100k for the life of the car. You don’t benefit the environment until after that distance driven.

Now if its true or not who knows but I found it interesting

edit - It was that Pommie Car Blogger “Schmee” so he might be a bit biased

I’ve done without one for most of my life. As much as I’m a big fan of public transport holy fuck does a car make life easier.

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