The Comedy Thread


Some great tours coming through soon.

The two best young comedians in the world are here soon. Just bought a ticket for Andrew Schultz in September at the factory, and Daniel Sloss is at the Enmore in October. Also kill Tony is doing a live show too.

There’s also a new Chappelle special on Netflix next week, AND an Eddie Murphy movie on Dolemite which looks hilarious


Chappelle isn’t going to die wondering… holy smokes


It wasn’t his best work, but it’s obvious more than ever that he has zero fucks left to give, and I love him for it


Tickets for Tim Minchin at The Enmore are on sale now, Thursday only. Fri and Sat sold out.


Goddamn Bill Burr is back, baby! 10/10

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On the whole Australian comedy is cringey dog shit, but Amos Gill is going from strength to strength